Friday, April 28, 2017

Busy Birthday

Today is my happy birthday. I was pleased that I made it through the day without binge on junk, cause it was a pretty stressful and busy day. The only thing I wished for was for Joseph to win SBO, cause he really wanted it and had worked so hard and we all know he'd do a great job. So, it was a normal busy morning. Corey had business calls and stuff, so he wasn't able to come to the SOW (Skyline Office Winners), so I loaded up all the kids and got kids out of school so we could all go and cheer Joseph on. Long story short, he didn't win. (Thanks for nothin' Birthday Bunny! Boo!) But he took it like a champ. He looked like he could have let himself cry if he wanted to, but he kept a brave face and was gracious as he congratulated the winners and his other friends that won. Here he is with one of his BBFs Scotty
We all felt bad/sad for him, and I got a little teary as I hugged his sweet running mate who wasn't able to hold back her tears. So sad. But a good life lesson. Some doors are closed to us, and even when we work and pray for them to open up, they just don't budge. I texted my family that if Joseph won it was a sign that things will be okay with Corey's work at MM, but if Joseph loses, and Corey finished the sentence... "Then we're all losers..." But my sister says J's loss is not a sign, so we'll see. Sigh, so sad.

After that, I took down some of the posters, not sure what we'll do with them. Then we headed home. Corey was busy and in a rush all day, and I picked him up over at his parents house around 6 and we rushed out to the airport to meet Gary and his wife and give him some $ and computers for the office in Brazil, Gary is going down to Brazil next week for 10 days for some important meetings and stuff. Also, they are laying off some people and you have to pay severance in Brazil if you have layoffs, so Corey was working all day trying to pull that rabbit out of his hat. Corey miraculously came up with the money and as he gave it to Gary along with come computers that the office guys might sell for cash, Gary looked a bit taken aback asking if it was all legal and said "Do you know how foreign this is to me?!" to which Corey replied "Do you know how normal this is to me?!" After that we called my mom and filled her in on some of the stuff going on with work for Corey. My family is doing a fast for Corey and my BIL who is looking for a job too. Then we went out to Bombay House for some Indian food for my birthday dinner, Good stuff (not as good as India House, but pretty good, and closer to where we were at to pick up kids later...) A card from my mom that gave a good sum up of the day:
So, it was a little crazier than normal, yet kinda what what I expected as far as what my birthdays have been like these past 20 years, taking into consideration an increase of craziness just cause life keeps getting bigger and busier. 41, I'm 41, getting up there! Weird.

For my gifts, I got a few cards from Abi and a picture from Sophi. My mother brought by cake and a card and Corey's parents gave me a card too when I saw them at the SOW. Wesley had an idea and has been working on it, but our printer is not helping him very much. He asked for my help with the printer and had to ruin the surprise by telling me what he's trying to do. So, he wanted to print up a picture of each kid in the family and have them write me a letter on the back of their picture. But the printer is being soooooo slow, so he'll send it to print again, and again, and again....
He ended up "accidentally" printing up 35 pictures of Sophi. Sophi looked at her hair in the picture and with the sun shining on it, it did look a bit lighter on the right side (Sophi said it was "orange" and then looked at me with great alarm "See, I do need to eat chocolate! My hair is turning orange!" Corey often teases her that she has to eat chocolate everyday to keep her hair dark brown, and now Sophi really believes it is true! Just another day in the life with kids.

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