Thursday, April 27, 2017

Joseph's Campaign Video

Once again I have a lot of catching up to do on the blog here. I'm usually running a week behind. Will try to catch up this weekend. But for today, Joseph had the assembly at school today where they got to show their campaign video. He had to finish it and turn it in over 2 weeks ago, but we couldn't upload it to YouTube until after the assembly. Now that the assembly and voting are over, we get to share it. We all thought he did such a great job! You probably should review the original La La Land Trailer to appreciate what a great job he did choosing the scenes and editing the video... (watch here) Ok, now you can watch their "Skyline Land" version:

Seriously impressive, don't you think?!?! I've put Joseph in charge of making all of our future family reunion video mash ups. Joseph, below is a video of what I'm thinking I'd like them to be like

And another one, ...just FYI...

Aren't those the funnest family reunion videos you've ever seen! I first found them at my friends blog in this post here - and there are more videos! 2010. 20112013, 20152016. Now with Joseph's newly developed skills at editing, well hey, we should be set to go! Wesley and Hyrum can fly the drone cameras. And unless we get any dancers in the family I guess I'll take a shot at the choreography. We just need to find a good cabin to film at. Dad and I will start working on that. :)

So I told Joseph that his campaign video set the standard pretty high for them if they win it. So he might be busy pulling all nighters again making videos this next year, we'll see. Good luck tomorrow. This ain't junior high though, so mom and dad don't get a heads up for tomorrow like we did for Joseph and Ethan at Churchill, drat. So we're all going to just have to go and see. I've asked for him to win as my b-day present. We'll see if Santa or the birthday bunny get it for me. :)

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