Monday, April 3, 2017

Sunday General Conference Story

One of the reason that our guests from Chile came to visit us in Utah was so they could attend General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They were able to get tickets to attend two sessions in the Conference Center - on Saturday morning and Sunday morning. So, on Saturday morning Corey took them all the way downtown and they spent the day there. But we missed clearing plans with each other last night and thus we didn't know what they needed on Sunday morning. Luckily Abi is an early riser and she came in my room at 8:00 and told me that they needed a ride to Trax. Corey had been in his office working late and then up until 2 talking with Ethan and Joseph. So he was beat. So I got up. They were ready and I just wore my pjs (which is my daily lounge wear as well) and got in the car to take them.

As we drove down the street, we noticed the garage was open on the house of one of our wonderful neighbors known around the world as Elder Christofferson. The car looked ready to go, I joked to Angela "Hey! We know where they are going! You should get a ride with them!" as we drove past. I turned the corner and was ready to turn toward the street that heads to Trax, when I found myself pausing, and turning the opposite direction. Angela pointed the way I didn't go, asking "Isn't Trax this way?" "Yeah... but..." oh boy what am I doing?!?! I turned on the next street to drive back into our neighborhood... "Um, let's go see if they are still there... Vamos a ver si tengo el coraje a preguntarles.... (We'll see if I am brave enough to ask them...)" Angela and her girls were quiet as we drove up. Their car was still there, we noticed a light in the garage from a fridge door being open, so they weren't both in the car yet.... I turned the car around and put it in park and got out. Then the car started to back out of the garage and walked over to Sister Christofferson's side of the car that was closest to me, waving and signaling that I wanted to talk to them. She put down the window. I think I ended up saying something like this: "Hey! So I was just taking my friends to Trax and wanted to know if you could give them a ride?" She looked at me a bit concerned and said "...We can't..." Maybe in my brain I was saying the right things but I obviously wan't clear cause as we exchanged words, they thought I wanted them to give my friends a ride to Trax station, Doh! "Oh hey neighbor! I noticed you were leaving your house today so thought I'd see if I could save myself a trip by having you take my friends somewhere..." When I realized what I had asked, I said "Oh no no, they are going to the Conference Center!" "Oh! They have tickets? Well yeah! Have 'em jump in!" Phew!! So I waved for them to come out of the car and come hitch a ride with my friend the apostle! I told Kathy "They are from Santiago Chile..." I don't think they knew who my "friends" were when I asked but I knew Elder Christofferson spoke Spanish cause he served a mission in Argentina. I wish I had a picture of them as they came to the car, it was super cute. Elder Christofferson opened the car doors for them and to move his briefcase. They had big nervous smiles and shook his hand as he asked them their names. They had some major "WOW!" expressions on their faces, It was a great moment. They got in the car, I went to the back as Elder Christofferson put his case in the trunk and closed it "Thank you so much Elder Christofferson, this will be a real treat for them!" And that was it, I got in my car and got out of the street so they could leave and off they went. Fun!

I came home and bounded up to our room where Corey was still in bed. I jumped on the bed and propped myself up on my side, looking at him. He opened his eyes to see my big grin and I said "Guess WHAT!" 

He smiled as I told what happened, then I apologized "I'm sorry for all the work you had to do with going to Vegas and everything just to have me steal the highlight of their trip to the US away from you in 5 minutes!" He was happy I was crazy brave enough to go back and ask. As we listened to conference, I felt like Elder Rasband's story about putting his foot in the door was a little what had happened to me. I'm glad for them that they had such an experience. I'm sure it will be something they always remember. They got back during the second session. We were up in my room listening to more speakers. (And this here photo below is what happens if you're a boy and your sister catches you sleeping through conference.)
Mel played the "lets see how many things we can put on Ethan without waking him up" game. Tape on his head, saxophone mouthpiece cover thing on his nose... stuffed animal, ball, toys.... So that is what we were doing when they got back home after their trip down town with Elder Christofferson. Angela told me that he and his wife were "Muy simpatico" and also said that they took them underneath main street where they park their cars and then they rode a little golf cart with them to the conference center. They also ran into President Nelson there. :) So fun for them. It will definitely be a highlight of the trip. But they have said that the thing they will miss the most when they go home is Daniel <3 p="">
Angela and her daughters were super cute as they were admiring him after scriptures one night. It looked like a nativity scene. They are spending this week up in Idaho and will be back next Monday. I took Corey to the airport after the morning session yesterday, he is in Brazil this week and will be back next Monday too. Here is a picture "las ninas" drew with the kids outside of our family. Corey and I were happy with how young we looked, ha.

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