Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Broken Wood Thing

We had a sequence of events after school today that went like this:

Ethan was playing with some silly puddy. He threw it on top of my wood decoration thing that is on the high wall by the stairs - (the wall that you can't reach cause the descending stairs are in the way.) As he was reaching for the puddy it looked like he might try to put some of his weight on the wood thing. I, knowing the wood thing was only held up by two nails, was worried and came to help. As I tried to take the wood thing off of the wall, I shook it too much and the nail came loose and the hole got bigger. It did not look like it would be safe to put it back on like that. In an extreme lack of judgement, I decided we'd use two small Command hooks to hold it up, apparently forgetting how heavy the wood thing was and/or forgetting how poorly the Command hooks hold things. So Ethan helps me put up two hooks (cause he has longer arms than me, I couldn't reach the holes. It was really hard to put the nails up years ago...) We get them level, we lower the wood thing onto the two hooks, and we walk away feeling triumphant that we got it on so perfectly. I got rock Daniel. Little kids are in my room watching tv. Big kids are downstairs doing homework. After a few minutes, we hear a crash and fall and tumbling of something down the stairs that sounds sooo bad. I realized what it was. I go to see the damage. My wood thing - one of the only decorations in the house and one of the few that I really liked, was in pieces at the bottom of the stairs. I liked it cause the wood is spaced so that it looks the same as the headboard in our bedroom, thus making me happy thinking it tied things together in this wood theme. But now it was busted up and many of the plastic ornaments broken, lucky for us they were not glass. Sigh, I felt depressed and defeated. I was too sad to be mad. I really liked it. I never got a picture of it though, and now it's gone. So sad. But, then, perhaps there is someone that could redeem my wall thing. I text Corey's dad. Owen and Daniel were both asleep now, so I load the pieces in the car and take it to Corey's parent's house.
Wayne takes a look and we start to work. We pull out the staples and he had all the right tools.
He put some wood glue on the bottom shelf and we put that in clamps and he said he'd go to the store to get some screws, and he thinks we can save it. Thank you Wayne! We'll be back in a few days to help put it back together. Tonight after I got home I figured out that if I put the metal tool box one of the stairs, I can put a stool on the stair and tool box and it is level enough (and if I balanced enough) that I can reach the wall and hammer in the nail, yay! Wish I had done this the first time rather than just trying to reach and use command hooks, so stupid of me. We are lucky that no one was on the stairs, someone could have really gotten hurt.

Update - Saturday 4/8: I texted Wayne tonight realizing I hadn't come back to help put together that pile of wood pieces I left on their kitchen table. He said it was all finished. He's so nice. I picked it up after taking Ethan to a church dance up by Churchill. It looks great. And I will put it up with better nails.  stayed and visited.

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