Thursday, April 6, 2017

Budding Entrepreneurs

It's week two of spring break. The older kids had spring break last week, so that is when we take the family trip, cause the younger kids don't have a ton of homework to make up if they miss school. So it was Las Vegas last week, they got back Wednesday, and then Wes, Abi, and Lily all went to school on Thursday and Friday before they started another spring break week, this time for them. After the trip, the older kids mostly slept the rest of their spring break days away. But not this kid:
The kid on the right there is my kid Wes. In this pic above I told them to pose, saying "Pretend you're talking about where your next appointment is..." So Wes spent his break in an up and coming car cleaning business. It was his friend Christopher's idea, and C asked Wes if he wanted to be his partner. C's parents gave him a small business loan to buy the wagon, small vacuum, cleaning supplies and even car air fresheners. They were at work all day yesterday and earned $100 bucks! They also had return appointments today for cleaning cars and pulling weeds. I saw them out there working and though it was just cute, in their little baseball caps and everything pushing their wagon. Here they are eating some chocolate - they went halves on a mega Mr. Goodbar candy bar.
That was my master plan for spring break - go to Walgreens and stock up on giant candy bars to use as bribes/incentive to get the kids to clean. Abi has been my best worker as usual (she took a little break with our visitors here, but today she's been in the zone, I really don't know how she works so fast! On my way back from buying Abi her reward (and a few extras) I saw Wes and C out working so I drove by and sold them a candy bar. Yeah, I could have just given it to them, but since they're rolling in the dough I figured I'd sell it to them at price to get my money back. So today they were again out working for several hours and again earned money. Wes is just a little in shock I think with how well it worked... much faster than the lemonade stands and kid garage sales he's tried over the years! Christopher got a larger percentage of the profit 60/40 cause he bought all the stuff and isn't going to make money until he pays his parents back (So impressed with my friends teaching their kids these life lessons/skills!) Way to go Wes and Christopher, I admire your entrepreneurial spirit and wish you all the success in the world!

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