Saturday, April 29, 2017

April Pictures Recap

Just a few more pictures from this month that I didn't share yet... During General Conference, Ethan fell asleep.
I think it helped Mel stay awake, as she played a game of "Let's see how many things we can put on Ethan before it wakes him up"
Lily left me a note to fix one of their Strawberry Shortcake dolls. She wanted me to make an arm, "atleast a paper arm or somethen like that" (made me smile)
Natalie painting a beautiful picture!
Owen woke up early and was downstairs with me as I exercised. He tried to help me write down my scores. Cut kid, up on his tippy toes.
Hyrum, a master builder, has been helping his little sisters make really cool lego houses.
He's really good. 
Here's a video where he shows inside the houses.

I love their creativity.
Owen loves Daniel. Here he is being affectionate as we waited to get their passports. Also, Owen has started to sleep on the floor sometimes with Natalie... the cycle continues.

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