Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Life and Logistics

Last week, I was brushing Sophi's hair and noticed what looked like lots of little scratches and scabs on her back. Not sure what it could be from - from brushing her hair and having the brush scratch her? It was kinda weird. Also seemed like there were some bruises... So then I started giving her a head to toe inspection. It was then that I noticed her teeth, and this little girl definitely had a cavity. A big ol' hole on the bottom left side. Darn it. I guess I should be glad it's just one hole, cause I don't think I've supervised her brushing at all since Daniel's been born, and that's been, oh, 7 months now. So I called the dentist, our good friend Bill. He and his lovely wife just happen to both be from our high school class and another pair from our grade that got married. I was able to schedule a visit for today. Corey's been super swamped with a string of urgent events at MM and his consulting this week. I had a little logistics crisis myself today as the afternoon wore on and I realized 1) Joseph wasn't going to be able to drive down to LBB (Little Big Band) like he usually does on Wednesdays when he goes to Lyceum, cause today he had a school rehearsal. 2) Ethan stayed home sick but still had to go to LBB. 3) I had to get Hyrum from school at the same time as I had made Sophi's dentist appointment which was scheduled for 3, and 4) Couldn't get a hold of Corey to see if he could help....

I called my parents, they were both out downtown running work errands so they couldn't help. I called Corey's dad, and as I started to explain my situation, he stopped me and said "Give me an assignment. What can I do to help?" I thought that was awesome. He didn't need to know the details, just give him an assignment. So I'm going to remember that for when I'm a grandparent. I asked him to get Hyrum, then meet us somewhere so I could give him Ethan, and then if he could take them to LBB while I took Sophi to the dentist? It worked out pretty smoothly, except that after we left home Hyrum called to tell me he didn't have the Tenor Sax, I remembered that it was at home, so I had to turn around and go get it. I called the dentist to tell them I was running late. Then they called me 10 minutes later and asked where I was. By that time I was turning down the street and so we were there in 1 more minute and rushed in 15 minutes past her appointment time, hoping I wouldn't have to reschedule and come back to get her tooth fixed. Bill was a hero and did the job lickity split and fixed another cavity that he found. Sophi did awesome, much better than Abi when she got one of her very loose teeth pulled out... Abi fainted and had to be on oxygen for 20 minutes. Sophi was giggling as she got her tooth drilled! Sophi, you did great.
And after that I was happy that I'd survived the day. Things are super stressful for Corey right now. They haven't had any sales for over a year. They are laying off some people at their Brazil office. Corey and I are hoping/praying the business will survive.

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