Friday, April 7, 2017

Potty Training Champ

Guess who is a big girl?!?! It's Natalie!! This little girl is officially trained. She started using the potty last year, but then lost interest after Daniel was born. She digressed a little after he came along... she'd pretend to be a baby and talk like a baby and I think she thought it was more fun to be like the baby. Thus: no potty. It's much better to be like baby and wear diapers. I tried to bribe her with treats, ice cream, toys... Nope, nope, nope. If she's not willing to do it, I'm not willing to train. I've tried that before and don't like training them if they're not interested. But then on Wednesday, this past week, I showed her a picture of the Ariel set that she could have if she went poop in the potty. (It was one of two extra set that was kicking around from our Christmas surplus stash). "I want that pink mermaid! I want that lego present Ariel present!" Ok! Go poop in the potty and I will get you that present! And then it just clicked and now she is a potty training machine. She has not had one accident on the floor - There have been two wet accidents in the morning in her pull up but that is okay. She's been doing so good, then today she did #2 in the potty, so yes! Here is your lego!
I don't fear rewarding her too early, cause I really think she's really got it down. But just in case, I did tell her that if she goes poop in the potty lots more times, then Daddy has a surprise for her too that he will give to her after he gets back on the airplane. Should be enough motivation to get the habit established since he doesn't get back till Monday. Go Natalie! Thank you for being easy to train!!! You win the prize so far for easiest trained toddler, thank you!
And a few pictures of her asleep in Joseph's bed from a few days ago
 I thought she looked like a little angel. 
 Pretty Natalie <3 p="">

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