Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Egg Hunts

We got together with friends and kids in the neighborhood this past Friday for an Easter Egg hunt. Melodie taught Owen the ways of the Easter tradition - First find the colored eggs ~
Look, there is candy inside!! (See that little smile!)
They had the hunt divided among 4 houses and yards, with each yard for a different group of kids. Abi and Lily were good to hunt for their eggs by themselves.
Enjoying the spoils... 
Hyrum helped Natalie and Wesley helped Sophi.
We had a hard time finding 12 eggs for Sophi. She was walking around with 8, then 9 for a good 15 minutes after everyone else was done. But she stuck with it and had a can-do attitude and eventually found 12.
All that hard kid work paid off.
On Saturday we had another hunt at our house with the Utah Hibberts. We all gathered at our home and my mom provided the chocolate loot. Along with some chips and fruit roll ups and such to add a little variety.
Owen found a bag of Cheetos with his name on it and he was good for the afternoon.
He is a cute little guy. 
Over the years I have become increasingly low key when it comes to the egg hunt tradition. This year I was only slightly embarrassed that my kids just used Walmart grocery sacs to gather their eggs. Mostly I just thought "Hey, that works!" I tried taking a few pictures but then decided to just do a video and grab still shots from that later. I haven't done the stills yet, but here is the video.

Then yesterday after a wonderful day at church, we went over to Corey's parent's house for a nice visit and dinner together. Life is good.

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