Thursday, March 29, 2018

Big and Little Doctor Visits

Today is Joseph's turn to get his wisdom teeth out. You ready for this J?
The good news is that I was correct in my hypothesis from last week, that because I'd already done a run through with Mel, getting Joseph to his early AM appointment for his wisdom tooth extraction would not cause me to lose sleep. He had to be there earlier though - 5:30. So we were on our way at 5:15, but I went to the wrong place. I assumed it was at the same place where Mel went, but it was at a different office. Good news is that when we got there, his room had a bed. That would come in handy, as he was required to stay for 24 hour, not just until 4 like Mel.
Daniel also had a doctor visit today. He had his 18 month check up. Daniel seems to have learned from Owen's example and took a blanket at stuffed toy with him, though he's not interested in a binky. Daniel is also following Owen by now being timid around dogs. There was a service dog in the waiting room and Daniel kept a close eye on him and was hiding behind me, having me be between him and the dog. Then I found the toy table and that was a good distraction for him.
One bad thing they did this time - they gave him the immunization shots first! He was totally ticked at them the rest of the time and would not hold still for the physical exam, but they were able to get it done. Not one of our best dr. visits though. After we were done with the check up, we headed out. Daniel was lagging behind me, and I realized he was looking for the dog. He was dragging his blanket, and I put it up over his head so it wouldn't touch the floor, and he happily kept it there.
He walked over to the elevator with it still on his head, and when people coming out of the elevator their faces lit up to see this cute little guy, with his cute little bare feet. All the receptionists at the desk were smiling and laughing at his cuteness too.
Love my little D. He fell asleep on the way home, snuggling his new "baby"
I bought that at Walmart yesterday when I was looking for something to keep Daniel still and in the cart so I could finish grocery shopping. It worked well. I wasn't sure if he was really attached to it or not. But I decided if he was still hugging in when I was going through the checkout line, I would buy it. He was, so I did. And I've been pleased that he's still loving on it today.

What else - Natalie and Sophi have been lost in a Barbie/Elena of Avalor/Wonder Woman game this whole week. Today they were flying their dolls around the yard today -
Hooray for almost spring weather!

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