Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Photos from the Kitchen

A few moments from the kitchen today. This little man has begun sitting at the bar. 
I've been nervous he'd call, but has had no incidents. He's doing a good job being a big kid -
Look at you, Daniel, sitting on high barstool and eating cereal all by yourself, you're growing up!
I bought this at Whole foods a few days ago - it looked so amazing to me! I didn't see a sign saying what it was called or anything, so I didn't know what it was but I had to buy it cause it looked just AMAZING! Look at those fractals! What an amazing plant! wow!
It tastes like cauliflower, so I just googled "fractal cauliflower" and thank you google, I now know that this amazing plant is called Romanesco broccoli. So amazing all the amazing plants in this world! (how many times can I say "amazing"?)
And our last kitchen/food photo for the day... I put out a bowl of beans to soak last night, and the little girls found it this morning...
And I can't use it now cause they are using it for their game!
Natalie was the one who discovered my bowl of soaking beans, and then proceeded to get the Disney pocket dolls - 
Cause it looks like stones in a mountain stream or wade pool - it looks like a natural hot spring, and it's just waiting for Anna and Belle to come and soak in it's healing mineral waters...
Well, I might have to wait a day before these girls will give me my beans back, and I'll give them a good rinse, since they've been having these grubby little hands in them all day. I'll have to come up with another plan for dinner tonight.
I admit I never would have thought of that when I looked at beans soaking in water. I must be getting old. That's okay, have fun girls. I love your creativity!

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