Thursday, March 22, 2018

Busy Birthday

It was a busy day. I usually start my day at 5:30, but today I got up at 5 cause I couldn't sleep - I was dreaming and kept waking up thinking about getting Melodie to her wisdom tooth appointment which was scheduled for 6 am. (She and Joseph are doing their extractions at the JBR Research Clinic) One of the many night time interruptions was as simple as Corey waking up and reaching over to his night stand to get a drink of water, and I shot up in a panic to warn him and chide him for not remembering that he wasn't allowed to drink anything after midnight!! Oh wait, that's not a rule for you, that's for Melodie... and I lay back down and tried to still my heart and turn off my brain. Yeah, a lot of luck with that. So a lot of light sleeping and self waking interruptions. I gave around 5:00 and decided I might as well start the oatmeal. While that pot of water was getting ready to boil, I cleaned up the kitchen, which I had left undone last night cause I wanted to get to bed cause I had to get up early. Getting to bed early didn't work, as usual, so I was tired, but luckily the stress of trying to figure out how the morning would work was enough to keep my adrenaline high. Corey stayed up late working and has had a rough week, so eventhough it would help me get the kids out the door, I didn't want to wake him up to take Mel. So I kept thinking of logistics while I cleaned - while I was gone. I was impressed with how quickly I was washing dishes - finally getting out some of that energy that had been stirring in me all night! I woke Mel up at 5:20 and she asked for 10 more minutes. Downstairs to finish up in the kitchen, upstairs again at 5:30 to wake her and her brothers. She took a quick shower and we left a little late at 5:48. Before I left I tried to wake up the boys for jazz band one last time as I told they were not on their own to get out the door. I also told Ethan "Happy birthday! Time to get up for jazz band, I need to leave with Mel..." Yes, Ethan is the big 1-6 today.

She was late to her appointment. I was worried on the drive there, but we got there and it wasn't a problem that we were late. I signed some authorization paper, I checked my phone, calling Wes to make sure he was up, calling the boys, I noticed on life 360 that they were leaving but Hyrum wasn't. I called to verify if Life 360 was correct or if Hyrum was with them, as he should be. "Uhh, nope..." "Why didn't you wake up Hyrum? How did you think he is going to get to school? He's supposed to go with you, why would you leave him?!?" They weren't thinking. I called home, Wes woke up Hyrum, Hyrum texted a neighbor as luckily they had room to give him a ride cause one of their passengers was staying home. Ok, first crisis averted, and it's only 6:30. Ugh. Corey was still sleeping, I called again for Wes to wake up Abi before he left so she could start to get the younger kids up and ready. The JBR person said that Mel would probably have her surgery at 8:30. Doh, that means I'm not going to be home in time. "Do I need to stay until she goes in?" No, you've signed the papers, you're free to go. Ok, sorry Mel, I don't mean to abandon you, but I gotta go. I headed home at 7:30, yay, I can get the rest of the kids off to school.

I texted Ethan what kind of cake and ice cream he wanted. He texted me as I was by the store, so I ran in and got angel food cake, strawberries, and whipped cream. I was home to send of the girls, thank you Abi for being such a good responsible daughter, and yay, I survived the morning! Hopefully this run through will make me not lose sleep with Joseph's teeth extraction appointment next week, which we are hoping that we don't have to cancel, because his mission papers didn't arrive today! Boo!! Our bishop told us that is has been assigned so we are pretty positive it should be here this week, cause with his friends, their calls are usually dated on a Tuesday, and then they arrived the following Thursday, two days after they were dated. Hmm, hopefully they're just a day late. The mail came early today at 3:15. I had already checked, but Joseph checked again too. Well, if you're gonna check, let me get a picture, so I can blog about it not coming...
"But NOT getting the call is nothing to blog about!" Well, I like to document our disappointments too. I took that picture right after we got home from Lily's School house Rock performance, which was at 2. I didn't take any pictures but a fellow mom sent me this one, with the comment "Lily is so animated! Such a cute girl!" She's there front and center in the middle of the first row.
I may update with more pictures later when I get them off Corey's phone, I didn't get any cause Daniel was being run around crazy the whole time, running around the cafeteria and out into the hall. It was nuts. Owen was being crazy too. We finally cornered them for a few minutes by the kindergarten room. Sophi proudly standing by all the pictures she's drawn for her teacher, which her teacher displays on the classroom door, cute. 11 of those 19 drawings are Sophi's.
We played legos there for a bit, then we decided we'd done our duty and we should head home for our own sanity and survival. Later, while I was driving to get Mel, Abi called me to let me know that Lily had been crying cause we left and we were on our phones the whole time (not true) and weren't watching (we tried!) and that all the other kids got to ride home with their parents. Corey was still at home, so I told Abi to tell Lily to go downstairs and talk to him about her complaints. I think we'll smooth it over by one of us going back for the performance tomorrow morning too, sans toddlers. But I did tell Abi to tell Lily to cut us some slack, her little brothers were being horrible. So, recap, we got home from the School House Rock show, high school kids got home, there was no mission envelope in the mail, Joseph took Ethan to his lesson with Ray after we got a quick photo:
"ETHAN IS 16!" My mom brought by a cake and present while we were away at Lily's show. Ethan loved the bow ties. 
They had also stopped by Corey's parent's house after school for a quick birthday gift from them. Then I had to go pick up Melodie, who was done at 4:10. She doesn't look swollen yet, her pain isn't bad yet either, so we'll hope that keeps up.
She missed a lot of school this week - Monday she and Joseph missed half day for a Lyceum concert, she went Tues, she missed all day yesterday for a GMS thing, today she missed cause of this wisdom tooth thing, and they said she should not go to school tomorrow. But tomorrow is also the last day to turn in work before the term ends next Wednesday. Good luck with school, Mel! This probably isn't the strongest way to finish the term, sorry!

Ethan got home from his lesson and we finally had cake and ice cream around 8:30.
Here we are all gathered around for cake - just a typical night at the Wrides. Lily, dressed as a pirate there on the left, Owen running around in his diaper. 5 kids at the bar - we usually don't get all 11 kids in pictures! Wow, go me. And you can see Corey's blue sleeved shirt on the right side there too. Everyone's at home and ready to dig in.
We were concerned this week that Joseph getting his mission call today would overshadow Ethan's birthday. So we told Joseph last night that we wanted it to be Ethan's decision if J opened his call today or not, if it came. Joseph did some prep work to soften Ethan up and took him to Wendy's last night. Didn't work for a birthday bribe, but still a nice brotherly bonding thing to do. It was a busy birthday, but we hope it was good for you Eth. I'm ready to call it a day and head to bed now!! Goodnight.

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