Friday, March 2, 2018

Sharing Lunch

These two little guys melted my heart today. The elementary kids didn't have school today cause it's a teacher work day after parent teacher conferences. So all the kids were down stairs eating lunch together, and I came down to find Owen feeding Daniel, it was the cutest thing. I admit at first I was concerned because it was a lasagna dish, aka messy, especially for a toddler who is feeding himself, not to mention feeding it to someone else. I also get nervous when they aren't seated at the table or at the counter, so I watched them and was impressed with how well Owen fed his little brother, so cute.

After I took that video, I took a few pictures as Owen continued to feed him. I loved how Owen was kneeling by him. 
So I let go of my usual mom job of being concerned about the mess and decided to enjoy it as a delightful moment. And it was.
Owen and Daniel fight over toys and bottles sometimes, but it's nice to know and be reminded that they get along with each other too. Love these little moments.

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