Monday, March 5, 2018

Jazz vs. Magic

Corey and some of the kids enjoyed a special treat tonight - my parents had 6 tickets for the Jazz basketball game tonight. Bonus was the tickets were box seats, ooh! When my parents first offered them to us over the weekend, I didn't mention it to Corey, as I assumed he wouldn't be able to go cause he'd need to get work done. So I offered them to Joseph and his friends. Over the weeked Joseph texted his friends to gauge the interest, and they all said "Cool! Who are they playing?" "The Magic" and that response was followed by a disappointed "Oh..." We don't know anything about basket ball teams, so we didn't know it wouldn't be a very close and therefore exciting game. Still, Joseph checked with his friends again this morning at school and then texted me that he'd take them. Corey was still home when I got that, so I told him what was going on, that I'd offered some Jazz tickets to Joseph ...unless he'd like them? He got excited - "Yeah, that sounds fun! Seems like an experience the kids should have atleast once in their life." So, sorry Joe! This was not good manners on my part, but I rescinded the offer to Joseph. But I told him, if he still even wanted to go (with it being a school night and all) he could bring one friend, and then it'd be Corey and 3 of the kids.

When the moment came to go, Mel and Ethan opted out because of homework. We still needed to narrow it down from the 8 other kids: Lily was fine to miss out "I don't like basketball" Sophi and Owen both wanted to go but we bribed Sophi with a trip to McDonald's later in the week and Owen got distracted, yay. Natalie wasn't paying attention either, and Daniel doesn't have a choice, he's not going. So the winners are: Hyrum, Wesley, and Abi.

The game started at 7. At 6:00 they got ready to go and ate a quick bowl of some of the delicious and healthy minestrone soup I had made, and then they were off. Joseph and his friend Talmage at the game~
When they got home at 10 they didn't look that good and I could assume what had happened as they all waddled in from the garage. Corey was holding a container of shredded pork and a bottle of sweet sauce and said "I feel terrible..." He had brought home some meat for Ethan. Ethan looked at it and said it looked gross. "See what you've done to him! See what you've done to us?!?" He was referring to my efforts to help our family eat healthier. Now they can't go eat the food of the world without feeling terrible from the shock to their system, and Ethan thinking meat is gross!?! What is going on!?!?! ( really did look gross though). Corey replied "Well it looked great an hour ago." The heavenly reflection of the lights is a nice touch. Yay, meat! The star of the American dinner show! (Don't do it, America! That stuff will kill you!)
I'm not totally forcing my food upon everyone, but we eat a lot more healthy here at home. And now my poor family, now they can't go out and binge on the standard American diet without really feeling the consequences of their decisions. Joseph and Abi's extended arms digging in.
They had a great time in the moment. As Corey walked up the stairs, holding the railing for support, he confessed "I'm not proud of what I did. ....but it sure tasted good at the time. Now I feel like a fat old guy..." He walked around the house and moaned "I feel terrible" like 20 times. He was cracking me up with all the things he said. It was so funny, it reminded me of when he came back from the Disney On Ice outing years ago with Lily. That was sweet innocent fun then, but this... "Great and spacious building?" I asked (see 1 Nephi 8:26-28)
"Oh yeah, that was totally great and spacious building." Corey replied.
"That was pure Babylon... The loud music, the lights, the lazers, the food, flames of fire coming out of the ground! ...even Joseph wasn't immune... he grabbed a Coke! If that doesn't show you the moral decadency we just experienced... Daniel would not be proud..." I wasn't sure what he was talking about there, and thought maybe he was referring to my blog post about our healthy toddler - "Our Daniel?" I asked. No, the Old Testament prophet. Yes, that Daniel might be shaking his head at you. Corey was still bent over, holding onto the banister. "I felt fine until the cheesecake..."
Oh, these first world problems! "How many did you have?" "Just one..." then lets out another deep breath/groan. "Yeah...that's no way to live. ...but atleast I didn't eat a bowl of cookie dough!" he said with his finger pointed at Abi who was beside me.
Corey and Wes were both standing there now with a pained expression on their face, and Hyrum came up the stairs, walked between them as he did a ballerina jump in the air with his hands spread out. He gloated "I feel great!" Hyrum just ate pretzels.
Isn't that amazing for a teenager with all that deliciously tempting food around? I tell ya, that kid is 100% committed
Hyrum confessed that he had also had a can and a half of Fanta. Corey teased "Fanta?!? FANTA?!?! That's not exactly pulse, Hyrum!" Referring to Daniel 1:12. Abi was proud of herself cause she didn't have any soda. Good job Abi. Something to balance off that bowl of cookie dough, lol. Well, I've been there (see end of this post) so it's okay. But now we know better, so I can't say I pity you. Any of you guys feeling sick, it's your own darn fault! Wes went to bed with a bowl just in case he threw up. Good to be prepared, but don't throw up! We'll see if they've recovered by morning. 

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