Friday, March 16, 2018

Wi-Fi Protection

Today Corey took Melodie in for a wisdom tooth screening. It took a lot longer than he or I thought it would, so we're skipping date night tonight so he can get more work done. Plus tomorrow we have plans to go on a date - going to Shen Yun! So that's okay that we missed today. Corey's still got a lot of his plate and I just keep praying that his load will be lightened and/or that he will be strengthened to bear it. It's hard cause Corey comes home after a full day and has to keep working. Last night Owen wanted to be around his dad, so Corey came out of his office and worked on his computer in the front room. He played with Owen for a bit, but then really did need to get back on the clock. So he gave Owen his phone so Owen could play a game.
Owen sweetly tucked himself under the roll top desk, a nice private little place for this little person. Daniel, who had previously been very entertained with a balloon, joined Owen in his little kid cave and watched the screen. When I saw them there, I ran upstairs to grab one of the Kids Armour Shield stickers/microchips that had recently come in the mail so I could put one on Corey's phone. The view from the stairs of Corey working and two little boys under the desk.
The little sticker has a microchip in it that has been proven to protect against wifi radiation. protection. I grabbed the phone away from Owen for a sec, which he didn't like, and quickly took off the case and put it on the back of Corey's phone underneath his case. I gave it back, and Owen went back to his game. Daniel came out and played with his balloon some more.
A balloon is better than a phone app game anyway Owen. I still have the duplo game on my phone but that's it. Ok, I also have the PBS kids video app, but I pretty much avoid letting them zone out on my phone unless it's an emergency. If you're like me, you've most likely started to hear things like "cell phones can cause cancer" or warnings about Wifi radiation but what can we do? I seriously doubt people are not giving up our phones, so we'll just have to risk it and deal with the possible consequences. But recently did I make a change - since December, I've been trying to keep it further away from me when it charges at night time. In December, I saw this article about what I thought was a recent 9th graders science project with cress seeds and wifi exposure. It made the rounds on social media with 1.2 million shares. But I did just learn that, according to Snopes, it was a 2013 science fair project and it's truthfulness is unproven. Still, it's been on my mind.

So, then I heard about Kids Armour. I received these Kids Armour Stickers in the mail this week. When Corey saw them he was very skeptical and said that someone is gonna have to do some explaining at the pearly gates when the truth comes out that they'v been selling people a silly shield sticker for $20 bucks a pop. So, he's been teasing that these are just stickers, but I've been looking in to it and I think it's legit. You can peek around their website and watch their videos and read the articles referenced there to come up with your own opinion. I especially liked this short interview below. My new goal is that if I'm not using my phone, I'll just make sure the volume is up so I can hear it, and then keep it 1.4 meters away (4.6 feet). Easier for me here at home than the kids at school who have to go from class to class. Their best options is probably to get one of these microchips on their phones.

So, I've been doing just a little bit of research on Wifi radiation here on their website - they say these stickers are clinically proven to keep head tissue cooler and to keep blood more normal, and that sounds like a good thing to me. Better safe than sorry. Last night right after Owen gave Corey his phone back, Corey noticed the bulge on his phone and took his off and doesn't remember where he put it, tsk tsk. I'm keeping an eye out and hope it will stick on another phone when/if I find it. So Corey's out, but I've got one on my phone, and I told Wesley about what the stickers do and he agreed to have one on his phone. I haven't told the other kids yet, I'm guessing they might be skeptical like their dad so I'm gonna wait a bit. Who knows, maybe it's actually some spy bug that is keeping track of our every move and sending information about us to international enemies! If that's the case, look into it when Wes or I go missing, ha. In the mean time, thanks for trusting me Wes, maybe we'll be glad we got these, but we might not know for another 20 years. For more information about wifi radiation in the news, take time to watch the other videos on their website.

--- Update 3/20 ---
Wes told me today that he lost his sticker shield at school. Darn it. He doesn't have a case protector on his phone, so it fell off and is lost. So that's a bummer. If you buy one of these, be sure you have a way to keep in on your phone so it doesn't get knocked off. 

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