Saturday, March 24, 2018

Called To Serve!

BIG NEWS OF THE DAY!!! Joseph got his mission call!! So, after two days of being disappointed at the mailbox, we figured it must be a week behind and it would come next week. Blah... this is almost as bad as waiting for a baby to come! But then we figured it's just as well, cause then all his out of state cousins could come (they'll be in town next weekend for General Conference). So, it was a gray rainy day which fit our "too bad for us" mood. We checked the mailbox a few times, but I didn't know when it came on Saturdays. What's the point anyway. So, I went out yet again around 4 o'clock, not expecting anything and... oh! Two big looking envelopes!
I got them out, yes! That one on bottom was it, the "white envelope!" Then I put them back in to take a picture, ha. Then I got them out again and ran inside. I should have gotten a video of this too, not that I had a plan as to what I was about to do, but it did turn out fun. Joseph was at the computer doing homework. I ran inside with a huge smile on my face. The little girls were in the front room and when they saw me they could tell something was up. I put my fingers to my lips and mouthed a big "SHHHH!!!" to them as I held up the envelope with big excited eyes. Abi's eyes got big and she smiled. They followed behind me as I walked over to the study where Joseph was diligently studying. He was sitting at the computer, but his face was down in his book. I snuck up behind him and threw it down over his shoulder and on the keyboard in front of him. He was startled and looked up surprised, not turning to me, but looking at what I had just smacked down in front of him. He looked at the envelope, took a second to process, then... a gasp - "IT CAME?!?!?!" He stood up and turned to look at me - then back at the envelope
Yes!! It came!!! He just started pacing the floor with a big big smile on his face and staring at it. He wasn't expecting it today, he was thinking it would be next week, so wow! Well, what do we do now!??!
He started texting his friends. One of his bffs and a bunch of friends were on their way back from a track meet in St. George, so he wanted to wait until they were back and could come over and watch him open his call. They were stopping for a break in Fillmore, so about another 3 hours before they were back. Joseph decided that 8:00 should do it. (Maybe 8:30??) How bout we'll plan 8:30, but tell your friends that are usually late that it's at 8? Ha. He ended up waiting a bit longer for a few last friends to show up that were on their way, so, actual call time opening was around 8:50. He put up a map on the front room wall so people could make their guesses as to where he was going.
He also put out a notebook and pen so people could write their email addresses down if they want to get his letters (he also informed me it will be my job to forward the emails to everyone. Hmm, I might just post the letter once a week here, and will send his friends the link. Anyway, don't need to decide that now...) Here's what the party looked like when it was small and there was only one of Joseph's friends for his little sisters to attack - see his friend Talmage there? A girl on each leg and Lily up on his shoulders? That is one reason that we know that Joseph has good friends.
Talmage has little sisters of his own, and he knew it would be rough here tonight but admitted to Joseph, when it was over, that it had been worse than he expected. That picture above is when it was not crazy yet. Here's a link to another video of us all waiting for the rest of Joseph's friends to arrive. It was getting loud and crazy! It was fun to have so many friends and family here to celebrate this moment with us. SO, after a kinda anxious wait by people who were turning in via marco polo, the big moment finally came - here he is opening his call!! (Opening starts at 1:44)

I won't post the place until tomorrow, so you gotta watch the video to find out. Or, spoiler alert, he is pointing at his mission in this picture!
CONGRATULATIONS JOSEPH!!! We are so excited for you!

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