Monday, March 12, 2018


On Sunday, the little girls were busy playing downstairs. After a while they came upstairs and were excitedly telling us about their spaceships! I didn't go down to see them, I'm not sure if anybody did, but the girls were happy and having fun and went back down to get lost in their space game.

This morning when I went downstairs to exercise, I was surprised when I saw the "mess". Oh that's right, they were making spaceships. Ugh, now I have to put these things back where they belong!
I was about to begin by taking apart their glass rocket boosters and put all the jars away, but as I took out the batteries, I couldn't help but smile at their creativity, and then I put them back. Yes, they are glass. Yes, there's a small chance one or two of them might get broken. But they might want to keep playing their game. I'll leave it up till they're home from school. I could tell which ship belong to which kid - the yellow chair and plate is Sophi's, the blue chair/purple plate is Lily's (and I can tell she's the captain too!) and Natalie's is the pink chair with blue plate. The little glass stones on Natalie's plate made me smile as I thought of her carefully setting each of them out and around her board, "decorating" her ship.
Natalie's ship's wheels are four now squished rolls of toilet paper, Lily's is two small stools from the Pirate Ship toy, and Sophi's ship is propped up on my foam rollers. If they don't use it tonight I'll put the things away. But I can do without my foam rollers for today.
Girls, I love your ships. So cute. Look at this creativity - they used Ikea plates for their steering wheels. It made me wonder why they didn't use the Wii Mario Kart wheels? Maybe plates are better cause they require more imagination? That thought made me think of a comment a neighbor made. I was over at her house visiting, and after our visit, I went with her downstairs to have my kids clean up and get ready to leave. They had a finished basement. Ah, that is a dream of mine. I said with some lament "Our basement is not finished..." She said "Oh, I loved that when I was a kid, it was sooo fun." It made me check my thoughts. Yes, I as a mother would like it finished, but I agree that as a kid, it was way more fun to be in an unfinished place to play and imagine than in a finished area. We'll probably have a finished basement someday, we should enjoy the raw unfinished creativity producing area while we have it - it's given us great things like Kids Town, a Ninja Warrior Cliff Hanger, and our own Art Studio. It allows them to create their own world. I'm able to tap into that when I go out with the kids and build snow forts - let's put a room here! And a door here! The possibilities are endless! Good creative fun.
Update - Tuesday evening - As predicted, they broke some of the glass things - the two glass Valentine mugs. I'm not sure if I'll toss them or try to fix them, they weren't broken too badly.

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