Friday, March 9, 2018

Riding the Lion

Tonight, like most every Friday night, Corey and I went out on a date. It's always nice to be in his company. We went by the cheesecake factory. We tried to call and make a reservation, but they don't do reservations. Ok, fine. When we got there it looked super busy as it usually does when we drive by and leave. This time we parked and went in to ask the wait time... 90 minutes!! You guys are all crazy! Corey and I don't do 90 minute waits, but the place was packed, so I guess everyone else does? Crazy, who are all you people?!? We thought it was a bit insane. We'll go back to the India House, thank you. We've never had a wait there, plus it's a quiet restaurant. We're not up with these trendy places. Anyway, as we walked back to the car to go somewhere else, he told me a little bit about his week and work and what the latest is. He said that he's turned a corner. In 2014 we came across an article that compared entrepreneurs and the risks they take to a man riding a lion. We liked the analogy and felt it was accurate. When the stakes are high, we usually think back to the riding a lion comparison. Well, Corey told me tonight that he is happy to say he is no longer riding the lion!

I gave him a hopeful smile, until he followed up with "I am now being eaten by the lion. ...but I'm still putting up one hell of a fight." Oh boy. Not good. Anyone have any good strategies for survival when you're being eaten alive? We ended up going to Red Lobster for our dinner after passing on the Cheesecake Factory. We both felt bad for the lobsters, sitting there in the tank next to the guest benches. Corey said "Their chances of getting out of this alive are pretty slim..." I imagined us being animal rights activist, smashing the tank, and yelling for the lobsters to run for freedom! We're here to liberate you! Unfortunately the coastal waters of Maine are very far away, and since they were all caught there, that might not be the safest place to return to anyway. I don't think Utah has any territory that is eco-friendly to lobsters. So, looks like they are at the end of the line. Maybe that's another anaology for us and the business - we've got the man and lion comparison, the ship stuck in the Pacific doldrums metaphor, and now the lobster in the tank at the seafood restaurant. The chances for survival do not look good... the end is near. If Corey gets eaten by a metaphorical lion, where does that leave us, metaphorically speaking? I feel like a single mom sometimes, I hope I don't start to feel like a widow, I'm not ready to be a widow yet. So, as has been the story for us for the past several years, the business is hanging by a thread. Thoughts and prayers are appreciated. I turned to dessert for a little bit of stress relief tonight - I bought these earlier today to be our Sunday family dessert. We sampled these early (these are soooo good!) Now I don't need to go to Lehi to Aubergine, these are just at Smiths and hit the chocolate craving spot.
I bought some regular ice cream and a few containers of dairy free ice cream for our Sunday dessert - coconut cookie dough frozen dessert, soy and almond "nice cream". I decided to sample these early just for a taste test. Luckily there are only 4 bars. Corey and I had two tonight, we'll save the other 2 for Sunday. For my fun with kids goal I played some Fire Boy and Water Girl video game with Wes. I'm so bad at video games. But I stuck it out for a few rounds. Wes probably would do better if he was just both players and didn't have my "help", but it's good to spend quality time! ?
So, I guess that's it, happy weekend.

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