Saturday, March 17, 2018

Shen Yun

We had date night tonight. We went to see Shen Yun. I really enjoyed it. My only regret was that we weren't on a lower level. I think I'd be up to go again, and next time I want to get seats down closer to the ground so that the screen looks like it's behind the dancers more. It was pretty cool though to see how they used the screen to be an extension of the dances - they'd have images of angels/dancer fly down from the screen and suddenly they're on the stage, I thought that was cool. I loved the hankerchief dance - they'd throw the hankerchiefs high up in the air like frisbees, then the dancers would do head over heels flip and look up and catch their hankerchief, that came back to them like a boomerang. Piece of cake, right? They made it look so effortless. I think I was most mesmerized by long sleeves dance, how they would catch the sleeves and then throw them out, then drape them over this way or that. Some of the sleeves looked like angel wings, and when they said it's a tradition that long sleeves are worn in heavenly realms, I was thinking maybe angels don't have wings, they just have these lovely long flowing sleeves on their dresses. I loved all the costumes. My dream is that in heaven we get to dress up in lovely outfits like that all the time, and I'll also be able to dance like they did. It was an amazing performance. Thanks for coming with me sweetheart!
Corey's review - he said it wasn't as good as he thought it would be (his expectations might have been a little high with all the flyers and ads we've seen saying how incredible it is), but he still liked it and likes what they're about - preserving Chinese culture and history that is being silences by the communist government in China.
The programs had a lot of information that was neat to read. I think I'd like to go again next time they visit Utah, and I'll maybe take Mel or Abi and we'll pay for a better seat and see how that show goes. It was a nice date. Corey's parents watched the younger kids for us. When we were driving over there, Abi was passing out MnM's to her little siblings in the car. Daniel, in the carseat in front of her, held up his hand as high as he could and said "Pees!" (aka please).
Then he'd chew up the peanut MnM and spit it all out, I'd pass Wes a baby wipe to clean him up, then D would ask for another one again, repeat. We kept giving him the MnM cause it kept him quiet. We had to choose between cleaning up the mess or listening to him fuss. We chose the mess. When we got to Corey's parent's house, his sister brought over her cute little dog. They got a dog for Christmas. I hadn't met her yet though, but she was super cute and sweet. Luna. Corey wanted to show the dog to Owen. 
"See, Owen! It's a nice doggy! It will give you kisses!"
Owen didn't like the dog and had such a truly sad little frown, poor thing.
Corey is thinking we need to get a dog for Owen, like we did when we talked about getting (and then buying) a dog for Hyrum years ago. Corey gave Owen lots of kisses to let him know he was safe.
Owen snuggled up to Corey.
...then he'd look back at the dog again.
Owen is thinking "Dad, I'm just going to pretend that this whole thing didn't even happen and that that little creature isn't there behind me..."
Darn it, it is there still. Can we make it go away? 
Abi helped her cousin take the dog home and then Corey and I left for the show. We were a bit late getting our parking spot, but it was worth it to have the test run with the dog with Owen. Abi really wants a dog and her dad is considering it. I don't know what I think. No, I take that back. I do know, and I think I don't want a dog, but I've gone against my better judgement before, so we'll see what happens.

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