Saturday, September 12, 2015

Baptism and a Blessing

Abigail turned 8 years old last week, and in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, that means she's old enough now to be accountable to God for her choices - and that means it's time to be baptized.
In the LDS Church, baptism is the way that we begin on the path back to Heavenly Father by entering into a covenant with God. Today Abi promised to obey Jesus Christ and follow him. We are so proud of you Abi! And, since we also have a new baby in our family, we decided to bless Owen today also.
These blessings are done to formally give them their name and a blessing (D&C 20:70). It's most common to do the baby blessings during sacrament meeting at church on Sundays, but since our family was all gathering for the baptism, we thought it would be most considerate to do it at the same time. And I also thought it would be good cause this little guy is a bit fussy, and we've never had a baby cry during their blessing, but I had a hunch Owen would be our first. I was right. Better to have a baby screamin' and kicking in a small room with family than in a large room with a microphone. He was all nice and sweet after we got home though. I was glad for a happy baby for our blessing day photo shoot.
He wore the same little outfit that Corey was blessed in long ago ~ up to the little shoes!
This beautiful blanket is one that Corey's grandma Helen made when Joseph was born ~
We've used it for every blessing day for each of our children.
Owen was cute during the photo shoot. Before I changed him out of his special occasion clothes I thought we better go get a 3 generation picture ~ We had our family over to the house for Corey's amazing BBQ cookin' and some dinner and cake and visiting.
I guess Owen was expecting dinner too, cause he sure got mad about waiting for a photo! It was a special day for Abi and our little fussy Owen
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