Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Biking Around the House

Owen has been doing great today. Today's been pretty good overall, especially considering it was a Wednesday, which are always very busy. Most Wednesdays I just try to endure. Yesterday Owen was pretty fussy and cried a bit more than he usually does with us, although it's about what he does when Corey is around. Did I tell you Owen got broken from the 48 hours I left him when Daniel was born? He's been a little hard since then. I tease Corey that he was able to ruin him in just 2 days after my year and a half of hard work raising him. It's probably more likely that he's sad cause he's still a baby and his mother has another infant now. Poor kid. As Corey often says when he gives in to him, "I feel sorry for the little guy" ~ he's had to grow up so quick.

So today. I think his fussiness mostly had to do with the fact that he woke up at 3. Ethan also woke up at that time to do homework. So since lights were on, Owen didn't think he had to go back to bed. He was okay for 4 hours, then he took a nap around 7 am, and then the rest of the day was just messed up. The kids have been good at playing with him and keeping him happy.
One of Owen's favorite games is riding the trike around the main floor. It makes a real nice and loud rumbling sound. Kinda drives me crazy. But it keeps him happy, so I get to choose between his crying or rumbling trike. Trike is winning. They're happy, so that's good.
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