Friday, December 23, 2016

Let It Go

I recently ordered some books for myself that arrived earlier this week (early Christmas presents, yay!) I kinda have Christmas all year long with all the books I gift myself. So, one of my recent arrivals I started reading yesterday and finished it tonight. Let it Go by Chris Williams~
Before Corey left for his last trip, he got a few movies with spiritual messages that we could watch on Sundays. So we watched the new Saturday's Warrior (liked it!) and The Last Descent (that one was sad but pretty good). We watched those before Corey left. Last Sunday Dec 11th, while Corey was still gone, we started the movie "Just Let Go" which tells this story. We didn't like it much at all. I really liked the Mormon Message with Chris and the movie seemed really different from that.

Maybe just cause it seemed to be trying to leave out all the spiritual stuff behind Chris' ability to forgive? Like his mom was portrayed as one ticked lady, ready to fight for justice. And his older son was kinda stupid too. "Why don't you hit me... do something!" Stupid, it was really bugging all of us, like they were adding all this drama that wasn't really there in real life, they just added it to the movie for drama's sake. We couldn't finish it, but I googled a bit and found this clip where the book was highly recommended. I decided to get the book, and if any of that drama from the movie actually was in the book, I'd take it as proof that they were just trying to be true to the story and would give it another try. What did I learn? The book is nothing like the book. I don't think we'll finish the movie unless were desperate for Sunday entertainment. The book was excellent! I loved how Chris testified of Christ on almost every page. I've been thinking a lot of how I can yoke myself to Christ. Perhaps it's easier (more like an obvious necessity) to depend on the Savior each day when you are in such an extreme trial of losing your spouse and half of your family in such a tragedy, but I hope there is a way I can have the same kind of relationship with Christ even though my trials are so small. Hopefully I don't have to get steamrolled by trials to know I am nothing and totally dependent on the Savior. I want to feel that dependence more and to feel that gratitude more this upcoming year. Great book, I want to be like Chris Williams, but especially I want to be like Christ!

We also recently saw the byutv movie "Winter Thaw" ~ it was beautiful! One of my goals for this upcoming year is to see Christ more in the people around me, and know that as I serve them, I'm serving him. Since we've kinda failed at doing all the #LightTheWorld things every day this month,
I've made a goal for us to keep Christmas with us all the year through as we try to do those things through the year.
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