Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Moon

Yesterday when I took Wesley to New Bop we got a great view of the rising moon, it was so big and beautiful!!! Here's my pathetic camera picture of it.
Pictures can't do it justice, but they can sometimes help keep the memory fresh. So beautiful. From home the view of it is never big, cause we don't see it this close to the horizon because the mountains are in the way.... but on the way to band with Wesley, when we were out by the freeway, after we turned onto the on ramp, wow, it was so pretty. I could stare at the moon for hours.
At that time Corey called from Brazil to say hi. It was almost time for him to go to bed since he was 5 hours ahead. Night time, huh? I asked him if he could see the moon. He went out of his hotel and yes, he could see it! He got a picture of it for me ~
So those two pictues were taken at the same time - 5 oclock here in Utah, 10 pm for Corey in Brazil. Pretty cool! He quoted a line from The Other Side of Heaven - "No matter where they send me, we'll be under the same moon." We've survived one week without him, things are going ok, we're all still alive and the kids have made it to all their concerts and to school.... homework is falling behind, but something's gotta give. We're looking forward to the break starting next week.
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