Monday, December 12, 2016

Melodie is Sixteen!!

Happy Birthday Melodie!
We've got another driver! Well, as soon as she gets her license. She hasn't been as anxious as Joseph was. He got his permit like the first day he possibly could after he turned 15 - Mel just got hers last month. So she's taking her time, going at her own pace, but it will be great to have another driver around here. I would not have been able to survive Corey being gone during these busy weeks of school and Christmas concerts without Joseph being able to drive. He's like having his own car too! Ok, back to Mel. Yes, Melodie, she is 16. Happy happy Birthday Mel! 
It was a busy school day for her - the regular high school stuff from 6:45 am through 2:15, then Joseph took her to GMS - She had a flute rehearsal today at 5:30, so she stayed there and did homework while she waited for the rehearsal time. Then Corey's parents picked her up from there and took her out for dinner. She was home around 7:45 - 15 minutes before I got home with Wesley after taking him to New Bop band in American Fork. My mom came over around 4:00 to bring over some flowers and presents for Mel (and cake and ice cream and pizza too) before I had to leave to take Wes. When we were all home again we sang happy birthday and cut the cake.
I took her shopping for shoes a week ago for her birthday, but they didn't have the shoe she liked in her size, so we were going to order it online, but I haven't done that yet, cause she might want a different brand and style. So, Mel, I still owe you one. We'll try to go shopping after your dad gets back in the country.
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