Friday, December 9, 2016

Eye Exams and Pizza

Today I finally took the kids in for eye exams. They should have gone in 11 months ago for their yearly check up, but I kept putting it off... "We'll do it once school is out...." "We'll do it before school starts..." "Over fall break?" and then the time would come and either for lack of funds or time I'd postpone. Last month I called our insurance to see if they cover eye exams, and lo and behold, they do! One per year! Sorry kids, I guess we could have/should have done this in January. Ya live and learn.
One fun fact about Dr. Dodds - he's 7th of TWELVE kids! Yay! We're not alone in the world! And see, he is great, seems totally normal! There's a little bit of hope that y'all might turn out okay. So we went in, they all got their eyes dilated which they didn't like - they were super frustrated that with their pupils dilated their eyes couldn't focus to see any words on their phones. And quoting BLR "Now I'm loco crazy!!!" (2:05)
There's no texting when you're pupils can't focus, ha! I joked that I should keep a bottle of it around the house so that if they don't get off their phones when we tell too, we can threaten them that we'll get the drops, ha. Got some shades to help them adjust to the bright new world. I told them they looked like they were Men in Black -
 Either that or they could be 3 blind mice...
Joseph was doing some work for Corey at his office today, so with Joseph busy and all my other babysitters getting eye exams, I was looking at another possible outing that could rival last nights concert. Luckily Corey's parents came to my rescue. They watched the little girls and Owen while we were at the opthamologist. Phew, close call there. It wasn't too bad of an experience over all, except that Google maps led me to their old office address, and we had already been running late from having to wait for Ethan to come back from a temple trip with friends, so we ended up being 30 minutes late, so other than the stress caused by that it was a good experience and I liked the doctor and their office and we will go back there next year. Olympus Eye Associates, two thumbs up. And the kids were being funny after we were done, making me laugh by being movie mouths quoting the Croods ...
Mel knew the lines the best... "I call them 'SHADES'" "The sun doesn't hurt my eyes anymore! Where do you get these great ideas??!" Since I don't have a brain they're coming from my stomach down deep below then up again into my mind..."
To thank ourselves for surviving getting the eye exam hurdle checked off the list finally, we all went over there and enjoyed pizza. I was getting a kick out of Owen eating his pizza like an ice cream cone.
He's a cutie. He did pretty good this week with his daddy gone. He's called me "dada" a few times. Love you cute Owen!
And there was a pretty sunset tonight, God is a pretty incredible artist. All the thought and science that He put into making pretty pink clouds for us almost everynight was a really nice touch, He's pretty amazing.
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