Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas Concert

It's that time of year again! School Christmas Concert time!! With Corey out of the country, the duty has fallen to me as the current go to parent to make sure these happen. Joseph has had rehearsals or concerts with Lyceum all this week. He's handled those on his own (thanks Jose) and I didn't go to any (sorry Jose) but Joseph is an old pro at performances. Just another series of Christmas Concerts for him. But Wesley... he is in middle school now and is in the symphonic band and tonight was his big debut!
He wanted me to come. And I wanted to come. But in order for me to attend I'd be accompanied by my full entourage. Take a couple of big breaths, ready to face the crowded kiva, here we go!! But first I had to wait for Joseph to come back with the van.... It appeared he wasn't going to get back in time, so thankfully Corey's dad came by to take Wes and had room for a few more kids, then I took 3 little ones with me in Corey's sedan. I left at 6:50, first to drop off Melodie at Special Needs Mutual (she goes every Thursday evening to a church activity with special needs youth and adults from several LDS Stakes) and then to the concert. Mel had to be at mutual at 7, Wes' concert was at 7:15. I got to the concert in time, but also face a very full parking lot. I seriously was in the very last row of stalls at the group of stalls that was the furthest away from the school entrance as possible. I got Natalie, Owen and Daniel out of the car. Owen wanted to be held. I'm carrying Daniel in his carseat in my right hand and Owen on my left hip. Natalie likes to run away, but she stayed close when I asked her "Can you help me carry Daniel?" So since I hasn't gotten in any exercising today, I counted this as my workout. We made it inside, no seats left (bad idea for the school to have a kiva instead of an auditorium...) We were in the back with all the standing room only people. But I didn't stand, I knelt down behind people and put Owen on my lap, Daniel on the floor next to me.
Joseph and the rest of the kids came shortly after I was there - actually they pulled up when I was almost at the entrance. I beckoned them to come help me with my 3 little ones and Hyrum and Ethan jumped out while Joseph went to park far away with my car. I was grateful to have my helpers when we got inside. Joseph took Owen, it's a two headed monster!
We have a picture of Corey doing that with Joseph when he was a baby, I'll have to find it... Lily helped take care of Daniel for a bit (when she was mad at Sophi for something or other, I can't keep track of what all their squabbles are about...)
Wes was really excited to have all of us there. And I was pretty sure that he was unaware by my facial expressions that I was not very excited about the next 45 minutes. Not that I was trying to hide it. He came over now and then as he waited for his group to perform. They were third up. We tried to not loose track of the little girls or Owen as we waited. Right before Wesley's performance, Sophi had to use the bathroom and took off. Natalie followed her. then I followed Natalie with Daniel in tow. So we finally got to the part of why I was out in public with all these kiddos and I didn't even see it. I did see the bathroom -
And the halls that Natalie took off running down after the bathroom field trip was over...
I was about ready to explode with her... she wouldn't come to me. I probably could have caught some of it the concert but Natalie wouldn't come, I went to get her and she had a mouth full of water from the drinking fountain and spit it all over the floor. I probably could have left it and it would have been mopped up by someone else or dried up by morning but I sighed and got a paper towel and wiped it up, as I kept my hand on Natalie's wrist. Near the end I was dragging her and she's screaming. I picked up Daniel, told Sophi to follow us, people were coming out from the kiva and I lost track of her but did find Joseph and Owen - and Lily and Hyurm. I headed to the car with Owen and Hyrum, Joseph brought Natalie, told me they found Sophi, I was glad to get out away from the crowd and that the trial was almost over. I called Corey in the car and vented to him for 10 minutes as I went to pick up Mel. He was on the bluetooth over the car speakers and Natalie heard him. She said "I want to talk to daddy!" Speak child, and your father will hear you. It was kinda funny having his voice in the car. I'd like it if talking to God was a little more like that, like a conversation. That's probably something I need to work on on my side, I'm sure he wants to talk to me, I need to get better at hearing and listening. Anyway, I was glad to get back home and was glad Thursday was over! Cause tomorrow's Friday which means this week is almost over which means we're half way done with the 2 weeks Corey is gone. We're gonna make it.

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