Tuesday, December 6, 2016


On Saturday evening, Ethan showed us this video. ...and we've been singing it ever since...

Hilarious if I do say so myself. We watched Bad Lip Reading things during the 2012 campaign (of course Mitt was our favorite "They're a bunch of punks!") and watched a few of them this election cycle too - my favorite starts at :52 with Trump doing "Five Favorites". (Time to Act at 3:10 is funny too) Every now and then Hyrum will be walking around the house and will say "Raaaaw". Funny stuff - humor is the best way to cope with elections anyway. But we hadn't seen the Star Wars stuff. Very very clever, and pretty catchy tunes too! I really like "Not the Future" too - makes me feel a bit nostalgic. I liked one of the comments there "What do they put in these videos? so addicting..." The lyrics are all posted in the description. Yeah, were on a BLR binge right now.

Yeah, I was big in Japan
I was king of Ping Pong
Yeah I was bad at tuba
And I’m sure you’d like me to bounce

I did a bit of googling to try to find out about the mastermind behind these. Found this article - he wants to remain anonymous but glad he still does interviews. His story is an great example of how the trials of life can turn into opportunities! He says in this that he started lip reading after his mother lost her hearing - he'd watch tv and push mute to see what her world was like and he started lip reading too. And that article also says that he does all the voices! Whoever BLR man is, he's got serious talent and we like his stuff.
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