Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ice Rink Builder

So Corey put Joseph to work again this winter. He had Joseph working on ice rink stuff while he was gone in Chile and Brazil. Joseph worked hard and now it's all ready for the ice. Thus the hose has been on for the past 3 days. My apologies to anyone worried about water conservation.
This year they found out that some guys in our neighborhood are really good at working a skidster and leveling ground. We asked them a little late in the season and the ground was wet, thus leaving big tire tracks. But it still looks the best it has among the ice rinks so far. They helped Joseph with the boards too and had a trailer to haul them over to the lot. They turned the garage into a messy workshop and also trashed the van (Joe, you still need to go get that vacuumed out, what a mess)
Joseph did say that having a functional ice rink would be the most memorable thing about this winter/Christmas season for him. Now all we need is cold.

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