Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Ikea Cups

So, the kids have been playing with Ikea cups for over a month (pic 3).
I hardly have any in the drawer for kids to drink from cause they're scattered all over the house as toys. Owen, always an observant student, quickly learned what cups are really for - to play with.
He is good at stacking, not as good at making castles.
He's also good at getting distracted, giving me a chance to try and gather the cups and put them back in the drawer. Maybe we'll have to move them up to the cupboards so they aren't toys anymore,
Or do I let them stay as toys? Do I buy more? Is it possible that the 40-ish cups we have are not enough to cover drinking demands and cup game needs around here? Silly kids. well, I guess it's good the cups are multi functional.
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