Monday, May 1, 2017

Cabin Snow

We have lots of amazing neighbors. I feel so lucky that we live where we do, and I totally feel like it's a miracle, a gift from God. We moved into this house in 2011. In spring the year before, Corey and I both felt like a change was coming. Then in April 2010, our ward boundary was changed and we were moved into a new ward. We thought maybe that was the change we had felt. But then we still felt something, and were toying with the crazy idea of going to Costa Rica. Totally didn't make any sense. There was no reason to go, let alone a good reason. But over several weeks we prayed and went to the temple as we pondered. One time at the temple, I thought "What are some of the reasons why the Lord does things?" And an answer I got: to beautify and give variety! Going to Costa Rica would definitely give variety to our life and give us a beautiful experience. So that was good enough for me and we made plans to leave. When we gave our 30 days notice to our landlord, they asked if we had received their email. No, what email? They informed us that the home owner needed to move in and we needed to move by October 1st. Well, wow! We hadn't gotten their letter, but thanks to inspiration we already had plans in place to leave by mid September! So began and adventure in Costa Rica for 3 months. 

When we left, we had a friend that was renting this house we are in now. They were building a home and plans were that it would be finished in Spring 2011. We were going to be in Costa Rica from September through December 2010. I thought "If only we could find a place to kill time for 5 months, then we could move back into our ward and neighborhood!" Then, as fate would have it, there came an opportunity to go to Chile for 6 months. That ended up being just 5 months and we were back here in Utah in May 2011, just in time to move into this house the week after our friends moved out. It was a small (I would argue "huge logistical...") miracle, I know that the Lord's hand was helping us in this. We are just so blessed to be here. Our kids have tons of friends, there are lots of wonderful families around us. We are renting from neighbors who have a large family like us and they are such dear friends. 

So, there is a story. Our friends were an answer to our prayers then and have been an answer many times since. Recently, when they knew Corey was having more than the usual amount of stress at work, Amy talked with me and arranged for us to come up to their cabin so Corey and her husband could talk. We always enjoy talking with them. They have taken risks with their business too, so it's nice to have some understanding with that. So we went up on Saturday. I considered this my birthday party. :) They provided a bbq sandwich dinner and veggies and I brought up Red Button ice cream for banana splits. There was a ton of snow!! It was so high that it blocked the usual path up to the cabin. We had to make a new set of stairs in the snow and then were standing on top of what must have been atleast 12 feet of snow over looking the driveway.
I wasn't sure we'd be able to get kids - especially the ones that can't walk on their own. Luckily Owen and Daniel made it inside with the rest of us. You can't tell from the camera angle how high the snow was from where people were walking/standing, but you can tell if you look at their van - the snow was two vans high!!
Daniel enjoyed the sweet red peppers. (He's so cute!)
We had a great visit and I feel so thankful for all of our dear friends! We live in a little corner of Zion, it is wonderful.

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