Thursday, October 21, 2010

Abi Got a Haircut

I gave each of my shaggy boys a haircut on Saturday. And Abi, when she sees the scissors out, always wants a haircut too. So I cut her hair. It looks cute short. Here she is wearing Lily's dress. She's always getting into Lily's, Mel's and my clothes and trying to wear our stuff. It's kinda funny, she's such a girl. Small enough that she can get her head and arms into Lily's clothes, so she can pretend to get away with it for a little while longer, but Abi, I'm not taking you to the store dressed like that. That skirt is way too short on you.

Anyway, I found these old pictures here on Corey's computer. I thought they were cute - she looks cute with long hair too. Short is definitely easier. Nice to know it will always grow.

Cute little face, Abi! Love you.

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