Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ward Activity and a Stop by the Pharmacy

The Elders called at 5:10 and told us that there was a ward activity/gathering in Brasilito at 5:30. Brasilito is a 20 minute drive. We were just eating dinner, so we hurried and ate and left and got there at 5:45. It was a small FHE kind of activity. We and other American family the Martinsens made up over 2/3rds of the attendants.

The branch president was there and gave a short talk on unity, then it was over. Totally short, not a big deal, One problem during the evening was that right after we got there Ethan, whose hives have not been giving him a problem today, began suffering greatly and making sure we all knew it. The bottom of his feet were itching. He began crying and soon screaming "Can we please go? My feet are KILLING ME!!!!" "No, we can't go yet." "PLEEEEEASE?!!" "Not yet Ethan, we just got here..." and we would have said "and we need to help the missionaries out and help the branch out and do what we can to help build the church here" but we didn't get that far, because Ethan wailed at us "Don't you CARE about me?!?!" "Yes we do..." "Then let's GO!!! Why did we have to come here?!?!" That's our Top Complainer gold medalist shining through. He started to get loud as the branch president spoke, so we sent him to the car where he could cry all he wanted as he waited for us. And boy did we get an earful after it was done and we were still standing around talking to people. He got out and came over to yell at us "Let's GO!!!!" There were two ladies who were kind and showed him some compassion, Corey and I felt he was way overreacting. One lady Angelina tried to help him, trying to talk to him and rubbing his feet with rubbing alcohol which she said would help, and he said it did a little. The other lady, Linda, told me where the pharmacy was in Huacas - the one in Villareal was closed last night and I didn't go today during the day when he seemed to be doing better. Luckily the one in Huacas was open until 8:30 and it was only 7, so we made it there easily. Corey offered to take him in his car so I didn't have to listen to him, but I was feeling patient even if I was annoyed. During the drive from Brasilito to Huacas Ethan was wailing so loud, I asked him to please stop screaming, and he yelled a real throaty yell with his whole lungs "I TOLD YOU I CAAAAN'T!!! THIS IS THE WORST PAIN I'VE EVER FELT IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!!!" That is probably true, as his life has only been a short 8 years. But he wasn't listening to me so I thought whatever and I cranked the MJ cd which lucky for me I had grabbed as we left the house, and it was able to drown most of the screaming out. He was offended "You don't even care about me!!!" I told him I did care, we are going to be going by the pharmacy in 5 minutes, I just don't want to hear it - could he roll down his window and scream out the window instead? "That would be embarrassing!" I told him to breath and that he makes it worse by getting so worked up - I've given birth naturally and that hurts worse and you just have to make yourself stay calm and BREATH! I breathed with him - in-out-in-out-wooo-hooo-wooo-hooo-in-out and he finally started to breathe and grit his teeth instead of scream and started to endure it well. "Good Ethan, gooooood. That is much better, breathe..." and we made it to the pharmacy.

Corey's smile is cute in that picture. It was fun how Corey and I kept looking at each other and were able to communicate our feelings of "Holy Cow this kids is outta control" just with our eyes and eyebrows. I'm happy to announce that we are all still alive and well. Ethan took his medicine although he hesitated and wanted to know if it tasted good or not, I replied "It doesn't matter! You've been freaking out all night, now open your mouth and take it!" Corey and I have been laughing at Ethan's behavior all night. It's good when we can laugh about it. Love you Eth!

And this was Lily's cute little chubby cheeks when she feel asleep in the car on the way to the pharmacy. Slept the rest of the drive home and right into bed. I love that little face. Lily, are you going to freak out when you are older and have itchy feet?

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  1. Poor Eth. Now when he's in serious pain he going to have to top this! :)


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