Saturday, January 8, 2011

Apartment 102

So when we first arrived, this is where we stayed in apartment 102. Where we are now in an apartment that is the exact same only mirror image. I made a video for it, but apparently as I'm here looking through the recorded videos, it has been erased and a video of legos got recorded in it's place. So I'll have to make another one of our real apartment. For now, here's part 1 of an old video on Mel's birthday shortly after we arrived.

Wasn't Ethan funny? He's as witty as Corey.

Corey "Here are the children eating a nice healthy lunch..."

Ethan (thinking "healthy?") - "It's candy"

Ethan continues - "It's for Mel's birthday"

Corey "Here's our kitchen..."

Ethan making sure the world knows... "But Dad didn't buy it for us, he didn't care... it was actually a lady from church... ow!"

Corey punches him "Get away."


  1. I think this is my favorite post! Ethan kills me! I think I will watch it again..and again!

  2. ETHAN- why thank you im pleased! i like you!


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