Saturday, January 22, 2011

Start Up Chile Kick Off

Last Thursday Corey and I had a date night, our second week in a row! The kids went over to Carola's house where Lucas was our babysitter, the kids loved it. Corey and I went and got on the metro and headed toward the Universidad de Chile stop and went to the opening event of the Start Up Chile Program. The official launch!

It was quite a nice set up. We got to stand around and visit while people brought us food.

Tasty little appetizers too, and delicious juice. Corey and I think we'd like to teach our kids to do that - to just quietly bring us plates of food for us to accept or refuse at our preference.

After eating and mingling, we got our picture taken with the minister of Economy (I think) and then went inside for the presentation and then more mingling.

It was fun! We are really excited about this program and it really seems like a perfect fit for Corey's dreams, we're praying it all works out.

Corey, our friend Kurt who is also from Utah (they're heading home in 2 weeks), and another guy sampling the ice cream. Yummy treats. Kurt is going to spend a few weeks in Utah then come back down to Chile for a few weeks. Gonna see if I can get him to snag me some Adams Peanut Butter, might be my last chance for a bit unless any of you want to come visit us? :)

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