Sunday, January 2, 2011

Earthquake Tremor!

Wow, I just felt an earthquake tremor! First time ever! 5:24 p.m. Wow, pretty cool. Don't think I have any desire to feel a big one though... I'll check the news later for sure, but I'm out here on the balcony blogging and then I realized I was feeling a little nauseous. Joe was here with me. I look and can see the building swaying ever so slightly... I said with wide eyes to Joe: "You feel that? That's a tremor!!" He grabbed the iron chair he was standing by and then with wide eyes asked me "What's a tremor?!"

In our apartment, there are cracks in the ceilings and wallpaper that's not evenly lined up on some walls from the earthquake in February 2010 - an 8.8

At first when I saw all the cracks it made me think of poor construction workmanship (kinda like in Costa Rica, no offense CR, but if you've been there you probably agree with me) but most things here were well done nice so it seemed out of character.

But then when our landlord told us all the cracks were from the earthquake, I felt a lot better! Cause the place isn't built poorly -but rather it's all built so well that it even withstood an earthquake with only a few cracks. Mostly it's wall paneling that's popped off. No structural damage. So after learning that I seriously felt better and feel okay and safe right now even with a tremor.

Carola told us two weeks ago that there had been a few, they felt them and heard about them on the news, we didn't notice, so pretty amazing to notice that one today. Corey and the kids downstairs didn't notice. I guess it helps to be up higher.

God is pretty powerful. I'm also glad that I know that, even in tragedies, God loves us and that life goes on. It's part of his plan. I mean really, he could wipe us ALL out pretty easily if he wanted to, just get rid of the sun or make oxygen disappear and we'd all be gone in a few minutes. But he doesn't. He is a good and kind creator. Bad things that happen will turn themselves into good things for those who love God. It's a blessing! Pray to see it as a blessing. When trials and tribulations come, tell yourself and believe that it must be a blessing. I know it is if we will open our eyes and hearts to see it in eternal light.


Ok, so what do I know about the movement of tectonic plates anyway? Appears it wasn't a tremor but a 7.1 earthquake - about 370 miles southwest of us here in Santiago. Wow. I'm sure it's a blessing ~ may they feel the Lord's love and protective hand.


  1. JT told me today there had been an earthquake in Chile, so I asked him to see how close it was to where you are. Whew! I'm glad it was so far away, but crazy that you still felt it. Be prepared since you never know when one will hit there (advice I need to take myself).

  2. Tremors are scary! I am glad you live somewhere built well and that this one was far away.

  3. Scary, scary, scary! We saw it on KSL last night & I said to Jared, "If my daughter was living there with my 7 grandchildren I'd be a nervous wreck!"

  4. Joe
    When dad told me I was pretty suprised that there was an actual earthquake!


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