Friday, January 7, 2011

The Pleasing Judgement Bar

Yes, I'm taking a picture while I'm driving... "Don't get another ticket, Tiff!"

Yesterday on my way to pay my ticket, I was please that only felt like pulling my hair out and screaming once as I couldn't figure out which direction I was going and couldn't get on the main road. Then I decided to relax and say a calm prayer instead of scream, and shortly thereafter I was on my way. Phew!

The drive to Curacavi wasn't bad at all - got to their little town okay, turned in to what seemed like their city hall - saw a sign that said "Municipalidad" so hoped I was in the right place... I asked the guy at information for where to go, he showed me the cashier where I could pay the fine, I said I'd like to appeal though, so then he started rambling instructions to me and I was just stared at him blankly, he explained again, still didn't have a clue as to where he was telling me to go, and then an angel of a man said he was going that way and I could follow him. Thank you kind sir! He saved me and also stopped my emotions from causing me to cry as I stared at the information guy. I could feel the tears about to surface.

So I followed his public works truck over to the judge's office - went in, and stood in line for a few minutes, gave the lady at the window my ticket, she found their copy of my citation, put them together, then said to wait till they call my name. Waited for about 20 minutes, then was called into a room with 3 other guys there to face the judge. I went in, the Judge looked like a good guy, I was saying a prayer for him to please waive the entire fine. I told him what I was there for - didn't have my lights on, didn't know it was a rule, just got here in Chile, etc. Last night we had gone over to Angela's house, she worked at the Church office with Corey when he was here as a missionary, we enjoyed dinner and visiting and went to a park, and before we left she and Corey went to her computer and typed up an appeal letter for me. I gave that paper to the judge, he read it over, he sneezed, I said "Salud", he said thank you, then he said "Ok, wait outside and they will return you your license." "Gracias" I said and I left the room. Waited for another 15 minutes, got called to the window, signed something that I didn't know what it was, got my license back, asked "ya?" and she said "ya." so I was all done! No fine to pay!! Thank you dear Lord! So the ticket learning experience cost me a little bit of worrying over the past month, 3 hours of time yesterday, $6 in the $3 toll each way to get to Curacavi, and that was it. I was home by 11 and made breakfast for everyone - they all slept in and Corey turned on a movie for them when they woke up, so no one had eaten, and they didn't even know I was gone. :)

Now I can relax now that I'm clear with the law. Glad that's over!


  1. Glad you were able to get that all taken care of. Definite blessings! Aren't kind people the best? You almost want to pay them (maybe with cookies instead of money) for being good to you since thank you sometimes doesn't feel like it shows enough of what you really feel. I'm glad you were able to keep that money. Now just keep those lights on! And check other road how many kids it's legal to have in one car. :)

  2. Shhh Trice! Don't tell on us! Not only too many kids in a car, 2 more of them probably still need to be using car seats... We're such reckless parents


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