Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lily's Toe & Hy's Eye

Lily slept TERRIBLE last night. Or I guess I could also say she didn't sleep WONDERFULLY. This morning as I started to awake from my attempts at slumber, I was able to piece together the cause of her sleepless night as she held up her foot and said "Doe! (cry) Doe!..." One time this past week as she was closing a door towards her, she backed it over her toe. It's been purple under the nail for a day, today it was white and her toe looks a bit pink and swollen. I think she might have an ingrown toenail along the side along with the overall detachment of the nail. Poor Lilers. I did put her in her crib an hour ago and she seems to be so exhausted now that she's getting some sleep. Too late for me to go back to bed. Although I think I'm gonna need a nap later. Sweet little Lil

Also, on Monday night as the kids were outside playing/fighting right as I was trying to get FHE officially started, Hyrum started screaming and then I saw Corey taking him in as Hyrum held his hand to his face with blood all around it. So much blood I couldn't see where it was coming from, but saw after I cleaned up and came up to the apartment with the other kids...

The picture Corey took as he took a bath to wash it clean - after he was washed up I saw the cut was just on his eyebrow. Not very bit, and going the same direction as his eyebrow hairs, so should heal fine by itself with the scar not too noticeable...

We put some tp on it to help it clot and it scabbed up nicely - above is the next day. Then Wednesday he went swimming and the homemade scab came off in the water.

Mending nicely, with a little bruise by his eye.

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  1. Funny how that seems to be the spot for boys. Both my boys have scars above the eye. Garion will be so proud to hear that Hyrum has joined the club.


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