Friday, January 7, 2011

Baby Dolls

My little girls have a baby doll and they play with it and they love it.

But I do not love the baby doll cause my little girls drew all over the dolls face, arms, and legs. I think the doll is ugly.

I want to throw the doll in the garbage cause the pen will not wash off even with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. If that doesn't work, what does?

So I decided to buy a new one even though they were both perfectly happy with the ugly one.

No really, I promise, she's happy with it (Come on Lily, be Happy!)

So on Christmas morning I gave Lily her present. She opened it...

and she liked it, and quickly handed off the ugly baby. She didn't want it anymore. Yes!

Happy with her new baby! Yay! But ironically, I haven't throw the ugly baby in the garbage yet. I've kept it around so they can take it in the pool or outside with them to roll in the dirt. I don't want the new doll to get dirty, so no free play with it! Strict rules with the clean toys! No fun, no creativity, nothing. Well, okay, you can hold it. But go wash your hands first!


  1. Oh, Lily is so cute! When Mal was a little younger she drew with pen on her American Girl baby - Bitty Baby they're called. That thing was a little pricey for a baby doll & I was not too pleased. It also would not come off with Magic Eraser. I thought Magic Erasers worked on everything! I'm all for wearing a toy out, but why do they feel the need to take a pen to them? Conner drew all over his Woody doll's face when he was little. Now Woody looks retarded.

  2. I know! Why do they do that? Corey teases me that I should buy two of every toy - one for me to keep nice, and one for the kids to trash. I'm considering it... :)

  3. If the doll is made of vinyl you can put clearasil on the pen marks, set it out in the sun, and in no time it will come right off. Amazing! I had to get pen off a cabbage patch kid and it worked wonders. I googled what to do! Bet you could google some good ideas if you want to keep around poor scibble face doll. Makes me bonkers when my kids do artwork on their toys, walls, table, etc.! :D


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