Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cerro Santa Lucia

Yesterday Corey wanted to take the kids somewhere to expose them to the world and things of the world, to give them a knowledge of history and of nations, etc. but then since I hadn't been on the metro yet, he said it would give him double pleasure for me to go instead of him cause that way we'd all be having a living adventure, rather than the kids just blindly following him.

So it was decided. I took Joe, Mel, and Ethan with me and we snuck away while Corey lured Abi and Lily away from the door by watching tv with them in our room. My 3 and I walked down to the Manquehue Metro stop. Corey said there was enough money on his BIP card to pay for our rides. He lied. So then I had to figure out why the card wasn't working, two people there helping me and my Spanish is rusty, but I was able to understand I needed to put money on the card. Went and threw the dollars in my purse at the cashier and paid $6000.00 pesos (aka $12 bucks) and the BiP card worked. Then the guard asked me why I paid for the kids if I was going to, told me next time just pay for myself and then have them open the door for the kids cause kids are free. I did not know that. Corey didn't either. So I called and told him he failed me by saying there was money on his card and he apologized, and said I passed the test well... "There will be two more glitches in the plan, so keep your eyes open for them!" that made me laugh, all is forgiven.

So, I told the Metro guy we were going to Santa Lucia and he put us on the wrong side of the subway, the one going to Los Dominicos. Luckily I figured that out on my own but was nervous he'd see us coming up again and switching sides and wonder why we were lost still after his instructions, but luckily he didn't see us and we got on the right side and got on the metro going toward San Pedto and, per our instructions, got off at the stop named Santa Lucia -

where we went out into the open air. Firs twe went to a little touristy flea market and the kids spent $100 pesos (aka 20cents each) to buy: a little rock, Melodie has named him "pebble"
and Ethan bought three teeny tiny wood instruments - a flute, a drum, and a little violin (guitar?) - these will be the types of souveniers my kids will be bringing back for all of you, aren't you excited? Send your requests by email indicating what color pebble you'd like or what miniature instrument.

After browsing the flea market, we were off to a hill called Santa Lucia. I didn't know what it was, I was just following instructions, but after seeing it, my interest was piqued and I'm googling it a little and have learned a tiny bit of history of Chile which I am not going to repost here. But I will post the pictures from the adventure

Corey's almost home! So I gotta get off, I'll post the rest of the pictures and tell what they are tomorrow morning, and I'll have more time since it's a day of rest and I don't need to workout. :)

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