Friday, January 28, 2011

Lily's Pigtails!

Lily's first pigtails! When she went out side to play, all of the kid's friends (only girls were out today) squealed and came up to kiss her little face saying "Que preciosa!"

And here's an update on her toe - I mentioned she had hurt her toe at the beginning of the month, then it fell off two weeks ago, and now it looks a lot better and the nail is growing back. I bought her some cute tiny flip flops today cause she doesn't like wearing shoes. Plus her size 4 shoes were getting to small. She's growing! Little Lily is still little, weighs less than our neighbor's 8 month old, but she's growing cause now she's in size 5 shoes, size 19 in Latino shoe sizes.

She'd probably grow faster if she's take naps without putting up a fuss. She fights it hard. So we usually just wait to see if she collapses somewhere, then I put her on the bed.


  1. Wow she is getting so big. I opened this post and said out loud "wow Lily is getting so big." Shon says well they do that when you haven't seen them in months. Gee thanks Shon....

  2. Now those are some cute pigtails. Puts Lucy's to shame. I think Lily looks so much like you. What a cutie


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