Tuesday, March 15, 2016


The kids have a game that they like to play called "Bear". The game bear began at the Crosswood house. Joseph was inspired to teach this game to our family when he was in 2nd grade and played it at a friends house. Joseph came home and taught it to our family. The game involved everyone staying on the main floor while someone went and hid in the basement, then everyone coming down the stairs into the basement and trying to find the bear without being eaten by him. Corey was usually the bear, and he's a pretty good one too. So we played "bear" many times at that house and have played it at this house before the carpet was taken out of the basement. But since the carpet has been out for the past 3 years, they haven't played it that much. On Sunday, the kids knowing that the carpet would be returning to the basement on the morrow, excitedly told each other "now we can play bear!!" But why wait, let's do it now! We still have stairs we can descend, so yay, everyone upstairs!
Hurry, turn off all the lights! ...and Corey quietly slept in his lair... They played a few rounds, and then Corey was fully in the game zone and upped the intensity. He went into the kitchen and put ketchup on his face. (..cause he was a man that had been mauled by the bear?) Joseph wasn't really playing. He didn't want to go up and down the stairs, so he just hid hoping that he could scare them as they looked for dad. But they never came. So he went to the bathroom. Then he was just chillin' in the dark as Corey scared his siblings. He had an inkling that Corey was about to take it up a notch, and was soon proved to be right in sinc with Corey's thinking, because on his own initiative, Joseph got some music ready to scare  them with - a song from school that he's been playing for wind ensemble: Symphony 1 'The Lord of the Rings; by Johan de Meij, movement 3. It was on his phone, already hooked up to the bluetooth... So the kids were beginning to brave the dark and sneak around looking for the bear, when all of a sudden Corey comes out all bloodied up and right then Gollum's theme is blasted on the Bose~ (cue 14:40). Corey gave Joseph a fist bump after, it was awesome. He said Mel's face was priceless.
The only picture of that I captured was this one above that was about 5 minutes later, but with the shock still lingering on their faces as they wondering "What is this man capable of?" (Next Corey got the duct tape...)
...But that's about the time that party pooper mom came out and said it's late, time for bed, early is gonna seem really early tomorrow cause the daylight saving time adjustment takes about a week to recover from. So scriptures and then off to bed, and they're already looking forward to playing Bear again soon.
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