Thursday, March 24, 2016

Another Announcement

SO. we're expecting again. I found out the day we came home from Hawaii in January. I didn't tell Corey, didn't think he was ready for the news. When he did find out a week or so later, he wasn't ready for the news, but what can you do. So, being the compassionate person I am, I asked "So when should we tell the kids!?!" Yeah, not ready for that. So we didn't tell them, but I did mention that I thought a good and appropriate time would be at our February Valentines Day Anniversary dinner. He wasn't ready but we hadn't talked about it at all and I accidentally got the ball rolling thinking he was on board, but then he hesitated... which the kids were able to quickly guess. "Hm, there is something mom wants to tell us that dad doesn't... Are you pregnant?" Doh. So the kids found out on Feb 14th and that was that and I once again failed Corey's request. Funny after 10 kids that we're still having issues with how to handle the whole announcing part. Anyway, they all wanted to tell everyone they know and I told them okay. And once again I had failed at letting Corey take him time and "own" the news. Sorry sweetie.

I tried to honor it in the last way possible, by letting him tell his family. But our anniversary was that Friday, five days after we told the kids, and it was still fresh on their brains when they were all going to be sleeping over at his parent's house. Hmm, that presented a risky situation. I told the little girls several times "Don't you tell!" "What about Alix?" "No, don't tell your cousins either. Dad will tell them when he's ready. Don't tell!" I didn't know if they would be able to keep it secret, but they all said that none of them told. When I called and told Corey's family today, they said they didn't know, so good job kids! You've earned more of my trust! I was so impressed that they hadn't let anything slip during all their comings and goings over there.

So, I texted Corey last night "I think you should tell your parents soon cause they might already know and be wondering when we're going to officially tell them. Plus I'd like to begin to blog and document this pregnancy a little but am trying to honor your request..." Every now and then for the past two months I'll ask him if he's told them. "No..." Before he left for Brazil I asked again, "No... you can just tell them." I still didn't though, and then today when I was telling him he should probably tell them soon, he said "I was hoping you'd tell them when I was in Brazil..." Oh, I knew you said I could, but I didn't know that you wanted me to... cause those are two different things, but okay, I'll do it. So I called his mother, then called his sister and brother to let them know that we're officially in over our heads, (if we weren't before!)

Announcing the 11th isn't the same as the 1st or second... I kinda feel weird and hear Jim Gaffigan responses in my brain... "Well that's one way to live your life..." People are nice about it, but I do feel a bit nuts, so that's one part that we both struggle a little bit with. But in an attempt to shirk some responsibility, I'd like to say it's not my idea. I would have be fine with 7 (there were 7 kids in my family, and I felt like I needed to give each of my siblings a chance to be born). I probably would have been fine with 3, I definitely would have been fine with 10, but I didn't want to be the one to choose the number. And I'm sure after this angel is born I won't be able to imagine life without him/her. Still, I've never felt like I know what God wants and unfortunately I think we'll just have to find out as we go along. I'm also a little scared cause 14 was always my jersey number for soccer and has been my lucky number. Is that what we're in for? 14 kids? Oh boy. It creates some uncertainty and stress, but I just don't know! I've never gotten a number of how many kids we should have except for 14 - came when we watched 17 Miracles a year or so ago and I was tired and pregnant and wondering if this was my last and "I don't know if I can do this again" and was thinking about how many kids we should have, it was telling at the end of the movie there that the little girl that was frozen and then came back to life? ...she became mother to 14! So we might be in for a few more years, just warning anyone who thinks we're crazy now, we might get crazier. Also, as I've talked to friends and mothers, I often hear them say "You'll know when you're done..." and I haven't felt like I know I'm done, so I guess we're not? I just trying to leave it up to Him and lose my life in this wonderful blessing.

Also, I remember Hermana Raquel Garcia from my mission, one of my favorite people ever (Natalie's middle name is after her) she struggled so much getting pregnant, and I do remember thinking at that time that here was a sister that would be such a wonderful mother and give anything for more children... if God wants to bless me with children, I'm not going to get in the way.

Anyway, so there is our 11th announcement. I'm almost 14 weeks along and just set up my dr. appointment today. I've been debating in my mind for several weeks about what to do, thinking I'd be nice to go with a new doctor, just to give myself some variety from this groundhog day I'm stuck in but ended up just playing it safe and going with the usual. I know he'll induce me at 39 weeks, which is great for me, so that means this baby will hopefully be arriving on September 19th. Another month and we'll see if we have a boy or a girl and I'll try to figure out a fun way to announce that to the kids. What do you think Owen, do you want a little sister or a little brother?
Hm, I think there's a little troublesome brotherly duo here just waiting to keep me on my toes. I think Owen made a pact with him to make sure he got here on earth soon "I'll be really colicky and fussy and will stop nursing so her body can try to handle it." Of course, he doesn't sleep through the night very much, so I'm still pretty tired all the time and haven't been able to have the energy to work the baby weight off on my own. We better hurry and get family photos taken before I put on too many pounds, and so Owen can be documented as having been the baby! They're just going to be 14 months apart, but two years apart in school, those darn September birthdays. :) Also, I've been tinkering with Whole 30 for two weeks and have got my plan in place now and am thus officially starting on Monday, hopefully that will be able to help me out a little.
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