Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Good Sidisens

I've been cleaning off my pile of papers from the office desk this morning. I've got lots of papers here that capture a moment in time. Little scribbles of Natalie and Sophi or cute pictures of Lily and Abi. Most of the papers I save are of the toddler years. When the elementary and school years come along, it's mostly programs and certificates I save. I love these toddler/young child moments though. Abi and Lily are always making "clubs" and rearranging books and blankets to make their hide outs or forts. A recent club Abi organized is the "Good sidisens club" (Citizens if you couldn't tell). Here is her list of club rules:
  1. do a good sidisen thing.
  2. get food for a meding (meeting)
  3. Do the meding.
  4. took (talk) abowt good things we did.
  5. do more good things.
  6. Do sume activitys
  7. Do suprises for people
  8. give the activitys away
  9. come back to the meding and tok abowt wat we gave away.
Sounds like a pretty awesome club. I think all my kids could be good sidisens. Another cute little girl moment this week was Natalie drawing on the Boogie Board. She was tapping her foot as she drew.
When she draws on that she just fills in the whole space so it's the opposite of it being dark. I think I need to get a few more of these, cause it would definitely save on the amount of papers that these girls fly through. On white sheets of paper they'll draw a scribble and not like it and then grab another new sheet of paper and draw another scribble, not like it, throw it on the floor, repeat until they've gone through all the white paper they find in the printer (I try to get to the pile of paper before them and put it up high away). If they each had Boogie Boards, they could just push the button when they don't like their scribble. Yeah, I think I should get a few more of these, it will save a few trees from these little blooming artist and then they would be better sidisens too! (You're cute "Natanie"!)
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