Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Doodle Game

The kids made up a game a few years ago. The game is you take turns drawing random scribbles and doodles, then the other person has to make a picture out of it. Hyrum, Mel, and I were playing it after school today - since the Boogie Board was out and we were all having a little snack. The default doodle is to draw a weird looking man. I drew a ghost for one, Mel saw a bird in another, Hyrum saw a few weird guys and drew those. But this one of Mel's had us laughing the hardest - I drew some hard lines and angles, and Mel turned it into a big mean pig chastising the poor little mustached man.
That mean pig hurt his feelings so bad. We thought it was pretty funny. I'll try to take more doodle game pictures again. Sometimes the kids play it on paper, they'll draw like 16 squares on a grid and do each square. Pretty funny, simple game that is almost guaranteed to make you laugh!
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