Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Little Leg

I peeked over at Owen this morning ~
That little leg dangling out through the side of the side of the crib, made my day. Here's another picture of him, He fell asleep eating as I folded laundry on the bed yesterday.
Love this little man and his ascot. Corey teases that Owen is always wearing an ascot. It's actually his drool cloth. Made out of a sliced receiving blanket, not silk. I cut myself more of them this past weekend. Cause the little guy just always seems stinky even with baths and clearing out his neck roll and changing his cowboy bandanna. I was sniffing him out yesterday and finally figured it out: it is his binki cord! He sucks on that and that catches a lot of formula too. So I threw those in the wash yesterday and now Mr. Slobber man isn't quite so stinky. :) I've been waiting for him to cut a tooth for 3 months, trying to find some reason why all this drool is justified. I have the bibs on him when he goes to bed too. Mel asked me tonight "Does Owen drool when he sleeps?" No, but he's still pretty messy with his bottle so there's always formula dripping down his cheeks and to his neck when he wakes up to eat. So yeah, we just keep it on him pretty much 24/7.
Owen also apparently found my camera this afternoon and took some selfies...
There were 10 or so. Ethan did a good job at hiding himself, he was only seen in the corner of one of the pictures. Also, I was kinda tipped off that someone else was involved by the fact that Owen doesn't know how to use the camera.  Last news of the day: Hyrum finally got his braces.
He's been looking forward to this day for a long time, cause it's just so exciting to have something new going on in your life when you're a young teenager (I guess a splint and boot aren't enough for Hyrum, he's die hard!) So he was excited about the braces, but has also been wondering what he was so excited about, cause his teeth are killing him. He's going to have applesauce and smoothies all day tomorrow. Tonight he was able to endure finely cut up chicken, but all his friends warn the second day is worse than the first. So, have fun with that buddy!
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