Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Whole30 & Easter Treats

Today is my second day of Whole30. I'm doing it with my sister Beka and a neighbor Aubrey. A couple of other friends in my neighborhood have done it already and are doing it again too. I'm excited to try and fix my relationship with food, which I believe has serious issues. Evidenced by the fact that last night around 7, I thought I'd give myself a little farewell to food and ate a mini peanut butter cup, which promptly woke up my Sugar Dragon, who quickly consumed a lot more than one little pb cup. After about 20 minutes I was able to get the dragon back in his lair. Yikes. Give it one little taste and things go crazy.

So I'll be keeping all my boring Whole30 stats for myself on my exercise blog for anyone interested, might mention a thing or two here every now and then, but will mostly try to keep this one about the kids and our family. The peanut butter cup that I ate that led to a fast "Food without brakes" free fall was taken from Sophi's easter egg basket, from the Hibbert Easter Egg Hunt we hosted her on Saturday afternoon. Sophi was gone with Corey in St. George, but got to go to a little easter egg hunt there. But my mom gave me a stash of eggs for her (which I gave into as my Whole30 eve binge, but I promise I didn't eat all of it and she had plenty of sugar to meet the demands of Easter Candy justice.)  Corey and crew (Joe, Mel, Eth, Sophi and Kiran) were still on their drive home from Southern Utah after enjoying the nice 70 degree weather for a day. Luckily the northern Utah weather cooperated - gave us a bit of snow overnight, but it melted enough by the time the hunt started that we were able to do it outside. While we waited for the last of the uncles and cousins to arrive, the kids watched "The Good Dinosaur" while the adults were entertained as they watched Natalie draw on her Boogie Board. There's a system to it that they were able to observe. Each time, she first drew a line around the boarder. Then a circle... fill it in.
Then another circle, fill it in. Repeat until the board is full. Reset and repeat.
She was pretty cute to watch, she's such a serious student.
Then we headed outside - grab your blanket Owen, it's chilly!
Hyrum had gone on a scout overnighter (said it was freezing!) but was home in time for the hunt. He had the most inconvenietly hidden egg - in air pipe on the side of the house. It was such a tight fit that any attempt he made to retrieve it just pushed it further in. I went inside to get something sticky, and was thus able to get the egg out with some tape at the end of a stick.
Wes is there on the left wearing one of Corey's jackets. He had one last egg that took him a while to find.
Abi, enjoying the hunt. It was a bit cold though!
Cute Lily
It was good to have an Easter Egg hunt here so that no one felt like they were stuck home with nothing fun while the older kids were gone on their road trip.
Natalie, I just loved watching her go around. She had gotten the hang of the game at our neighborhood hunt a week earlier, and didn't know that the rules had changed here. You can't just get any egg when Grandma puts on the hunt. The Eggs are labeled with names, each kid had 10 eggs, two other treats, and one small egg. So 13 things. Natalie was grabbing any egg off of the ground with anyone's name on it. I tried to take any non-Natalie labeled eggs out and re-hide them. Then she'd take all of her eggs and re-hide them too. Maybe next time, 2 year olds should have some symbol instead of their names? Or just a big N, cause she knows her letters and might understand if I told her to get an egg with an N. But it was cute to watch her, love her little sweet face.

Uncle Grant coming in to warm up and get a bite of chocolate - note the mega box of chocolates - Saturday I was prepping myself for my Whole30 and didn't have one bite, but then did have a bit of jelly beans and such on Sunday night. Grant earned his treats, he had done a mini triatholon that morning.
Grandpa giving Owen some love back inside.
Then we went over to the tree farm for an egg toss - raw eggs.
The sand was helpful in prolonging the life of a few of the eggs, until they met their inevitable demise.
Then some of the fam headed home and some of us stayed after and talked about eating healthy. My little brother's wife is expecting and is following a book called "Intuitive Eating" which I'll probably get for my health/fitness/diet book library collection. That was when I tried to recruit Beka to do Whole30 with me. I'm glad she accepted, it's nice to know I have someone to cheer on (and to complain to if needed!)
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