Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wednesday Night

It's Wednesday night. So we're over the hump of the week - 3 band practices in American Fork are out of the way, scouts, mutual night, 3 days of school and homework... on the home stretch - looking forward to Friday eve and Friday, and then Saturday Corey is back home after 10 days in Brazil. We get along okay without him. I'm grateful for when I have the older kids home to help. 
They are pretty good at getting Owen to sleep. Hyrum and Ethan and Mel all are really talented at it. If Owen is fussy and I know he's tired, I'll say "Hyrum, can you take Owen and work your magic?" and he'll take him and rock him and Owen will be out in 2 minutes. Owen doesn't fall asleep like that for me. Other times, I'll be rocking Owen and he'll be crying, Mel will hear him and come in to the rescue. She'll take him and after doing a few of her signature hold moves (the slow fall bounce as she's standing) he'll be calm and then asleep. Ethan's good at making Owen fall asleep pretty much anywhere, such as on the floor during scriptures tonight. Once Owen is asleep, I'm pretty good at doing sleeping baby to his crib transfer. But yeah, I'm grateful for their help and am a much more productive and happy person when I have all my chicks at home with me.
And here in this pictures is one of the few perks of having Corey gone: I get to leave the vacuum out all week. Cause you know vacuuming is never done, but he'll always put away the vacuum when he gets home from work if it's plugged in and just out on the floor. So I didn't really vacuum that much this week, but I wanted to, and I enjoyed knowing I could leave the vacuum out so it was ready to go to work if by chance I ever was! We do plan on cleaning this place on Saturday. Corey gets home Saturday night around midnight. Until then, I'll probably keep holding Owen all day, reading when I can, and pretending I'm going to vacuum.
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