Thursday, March 10, 2016

Life in the Bubble

Somedays I wish I don't want to know what's going on in the world. Cause when I go there, it's pretty easy to let my natural man give in to worry. It usually takes some mental effort and discipline to suppress it. Then I look at Owen. I think he knew what would be going on here on this planet when he signed up for mortality. Well, Owen, what do you say?
Aren't you worried?! Do you realize there is a possibility that Trump might become president? You don't worry about stuff like that? You just like the red flashing light on my camera? Is happiness in life really that simple?
Hmm. there's a lot I could probably learn from this little person. It's not too hard to be happy if I am really and truly in the now and enjoy the present moment. (Shannon's life lesson #3) I've learned this all before from Screwtape. But it seems to be something I need to re-learn and remind myself of everyday. Just be present! Maybe I just need to cut myself off from all of it until November. Well, except when I participate in Utah's caucus' on the 22nd. But other than that, there's not much I can really do or control about this whole situation until November when I cast my vote. Although Corey and I do enjoy all the material it gives us to share with each other. Part of me wishes that I could/would just let it all disappear from my mental radar until Nov. I wonder if I could. My life is pretty easy and happy here in my bubble if I let myself truly be here and present. I liked this little comic a friend shared on facebook recently:
Yeah, maybe I should just work on focusing on today for me, here and now. It's pretty easy when we just play with this adorable baby! Owen, you really are just the cutest thing in the world!
Without or with the flash? It gives a different look, but either way we get those big beautiful eyes! You can almost see Owen's hair with the flash on! Hey Charlie Brown, you've got hair!
Life is good with this Lil' Man around. These kids help me keep perspective on what is truly important. The worry tries to creep in every day in different ways, so I have to constantly remind and discipline myself to remember God is in charge and I should trust in Him and his plan. Ok Owen, I'll do it.
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