Monday, March 14, 2016

New Basement and Guest

Today's been an exciting day. We got new carpet in the basement. The basement that got flooded on Christmas eve 2012. So over 3 years later, yeah, it's about time. It looks really good now. Sophi and Natalie loved playing in a big open empty room. They played "Throw a ball" Sophi said so cutely "We're playing throw the ball, that is what we are playing" and she and Natalie squealed and giggled as they threw the ball against the walls over and over.
Right after we signed off the papers for the carpet installation, Corey left for the airport to pick up Kiran. Kiran has been Corey's best programmer for many years of Movie Mouth software coding. Kiran is from India. While Corey went to the airport, I hurried and set up a bed and small living space in the new basement area for our guest. The kids are sad they don't get to set up their new lego space yet, but it's good to practice patience. It will be really nice to have the rest of the basement finished someday. Patience is good for me to practice too.

It was great to meet Kiran. The kids were home when they arrived and they all came to say hello. Now that Owen is almost 8 month old, he has fully developed stranger danger awareness. Kiran said hello to Owen, and Owen just started at him in concern, with an occasional glance at us for an "are we safe?" assuring smile. Kiran reached over to gently touch Owen's little cheek and he wimpered and recoiled into Ethan's arms. We thought it was pretty funny. Later Kiran said hello more closely as he leaned in to tap his forehead with Owens, to which Owen totally freaked which again made everyone laugh, since this is a newly developed part of his personality that has just emerged. Natalie was a little hesitant. Sophi was good.
She likes Kiran. She sat on his lap tonight and jibber jabbered all the things she knows, including "Donald Trump is a bad guy." (I guess Corey and I are getting a little passionately political this election season again if Sophi's picking up on it?) Kiran had 30 hours of travel to recover from so he went to bed pretty early, a 12 hour time difference will do that to ya. We look forward to seeing him tomorrow. He's going to be here for two weeks. :)
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