Friday, March 4, 2016

Peaks Festival

The boys had their Peaks Jazz Festival last weekend.
Joseph drove the boys out to the festival both days. Hyrum played Friday night in the New Bop band, Joseph and Ethan on Saturday - Joseph in the Inevitables, Ethan in the Little Big Band.
Corey's parents snapped those pictures for us and here's a little video clip of Joseph - he's in the black shirt on the back row.
Joseph is in the black shirt on the back row
I didn't go to the concerts, I stayed home with the kids. Corey would have gone had he not taken this last minute trip to Brazil. He gets back home tomorrow night at midnight. I'm glad he'll be home. I've been a little spoiled the past two months with Joseph driving cause I haven't had to do anything - Joseph takes himself to the high school and Corey does the jr. high carpool. But I had to do it this whole week, so sad! Owen was up so we came along with us. He'd always fall asleep on the 15 min drive back home. I'm glad Corey will be home so I can pretend that I get to sleep in.
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